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The Canadian Business Journal
50% of all Toyota sales stemming from Alberta.
Prestige has diversified into the Nissan and
Infinti brands as well by expanding into the
Ontario market through their recent acquisi-
tion of Oakville Nissan and Oakville Infiniti. Their
focus is to provide the same high customer
satisfaction rate that has brought them great
success in Alberta.
In addition to their dealerships, Prestige
also provides a network of collision centers that
offer quality auto body repair aimed at provid-
ing consistent service and integrity across all of
their locations.
The Group’s philosophy towards growth has
always been based around customer service
which has resulted in a loyal customer base.
The cornerstone of their success is built upon
customer satisfaction instead of profits. Word
of mouth from satisfied clients provides better
advertising for the dealership than traditional
media. Through repeat customers and their
referrals, all the dealerships under the Prestige
Auto Group banner have experienced exponen-
tial growth in a very short period of time.
The team at the Prestige Auto Group have
an underlying passion for cars and customer
satisfaction. This enthusiasm can be seen in
every employee from the sales staff to the
executives and has greatly influenced the higher
policies for the dealerships. The weight placed
on the previous experience of applicants is min-
imal compared to that placed on the individual’s
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