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Rent is the single largest reoccurring
payment in people’s lives, and the
RentMoola online global payment
network allows tenants and owners
to pay rent by credit card, debit card,
and other means. The goal of the
RentMoola solution is to take the
hustle from the “check and debit
only” approach that’s even today
deeply embedded with the property
by the everyday
experiences of its founders, brothers Patrick
and Philipp Postrehovsky, when paying their
rent became a cumbersome experience, due to
the fact that landlords generally demand only
checks or debit payments, with no credit card
options. That’s when RentMoola’s core value
was born—solving the age-old problem of pay-
ing and collecting rent for tenants and landlords.
This simple idea grew the company into one of
North America’s leading Fintech companies, and
RentMoola is changing the landscape of paying
rent all around the world.
The Canadian Business Journal
sat down
with Philipp Postrehovsky, Co-Founder & COO,
about how the company forever changed the
way people pay their rent. “My brother Patrick
and I always wanted to get into the business, and
the idea was born when we had to use credit
card cash withdrawal in order to pay the rent,
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