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The Canadian Business Journal
while collecting credit card rewards” reminisces
Postrehovsky. And that’s the RentMoola solu-
tion—why not let tenants pay rent using their
credit card, and make the payments rewarding?
The brothers started to build the platform
in 2012 and launched in 2013, and today,
RentMoola has presence in over 400 cities
across North America and UK, with over 400
property management clients. RentMoola
partners mainly with medium and enterprise
property management companies with number
of units, between 500 to 40,000+, and has over
225,000 units in the system.
The core value to using RentMoola is the
convenience and rewards to the consumers.
“The statistics show that most rent is still paid
mainly by check, which lacks thorough security
features, and it is inconvenient for the tenants
as well as the property managers, because they
have to manually process checks each month.
Before we came along, there was no credit card
payment option.”
The main reason for property managers not
offering credit-card options was the high ser-
vice fees for credit card option which would
eat into their already tight profit margins. Here
RentMoola flipped the servicing model around,
and the service fees are actually paid by the
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