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tenants, not the property managers, while the
tenants can take advantages of the rewards
provided by their credit card and company’s own
MoolaPerks™ reward program. RentMoola also
pre-negotiated special rates with MasterCard and
Visa, so the property managers can provide this
service without affecting their already thin bot-
tom line.
“When it comes to payment methods, the
tenants can pay with credit card or e-check
with a 1.75% for a credit card,” explains
Postrehovsky. “The nice thing about that is
that many credit cards today offer cash back
travel rewards at about 2%. So in this case,
using credit card payment actually pays the
tenants to pay the rent. There is also no cost
digital e-check option, and we have additional
options launched depending on the market.”
“As we are in the money processing busi-
ness, we are PCI compliant, and our platform
is compliant from regulatory perspective, and
follows the strict rules we developed together
with Master Card and Visa. There were some
regulatory challenges when we started, but
we have met and overcame those,” says
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