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The Canadian Business Journal
A Lifestyle Brand
While the business is enabled by large property
managements, the company’s core value is to
serve as a lifestyle brand for the consumers.
Tenants can enjoy the perks from their credit
cards, but also, as RentMoola users, they are
enrolled in MoolaPerks™ program that provides
exclusive deals for travel, lifestyle, home services
and other rewards redeemable across North
America, UK and Europe. “We wanted to make
the rent payment rewarding, so we partnered
with over 100 different brands that offer deals to
our users, from Telus and Rogers to Starbucks
and Uber, clothing brands, restaurants, etc.,” says
The Growth
The company has firmly established its footprint
in Canada, and now focuses on rapid expansion
in the US. With only a handful of competitors and
over $500 billion in rent payments annually, the
US market is far from being saturated. Once the
company establishes further footprint in the US,
Postrehovsky brothers intend further expansion
in the UK. “This is a global opportunity, so we will
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