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On August 23, 2016 Canada’s largest
private sector union confirmed its
leadership direction for the next
three years with the unanimous and
unopposed re-election of Jerry Dias
as the President of Unifor. More than
1,800 delegates were in attendance
at the Shaw Centre (formerly the
Ottawa Convention Centre) for the
organization’s second Constitutional
Unifor stood for re-election
in Ottawa, with the exception of Secretary-
Treasurer Peter Kennedy, who is retiring, and
Katha Fortier who was named Assistant to the
President. Replacing Kennedy is long-time leader
and activist Bob Orr.
The 57-year-old Dias now enters his second
three-year term. Simply put, he is viewed as the
best person to continue to lead the organization,
which is the primary reason why he ran unop-
Three years ago The Canadian Business
Journal first held an exclusive interview with
Jerry Dias just as he was taking on the role
of president following the merger of two
former well-known unions on August 31,
2013: the Canadian Auto Workers and the
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers
Union of Canada, which had been led by Ken
Lewenza and David Coles, respectively.
Unifor headquarters in Toronto.
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