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change the politics within the country – all lofty
ambitions to say the least.
A great deal has changed over the past three
years, much of which has been extremely posi-
tive from Unifor’s stance. As example, Hassan
Yussuff is now the president of the Canadian
Labour Council. He’s the first person from a
minority background to hold down the position,
having defeated the incumbent who held the
job for 15 years. Unifor is vocal about the need
for everyone to be given equal opportunities for
With the formation of Unifor Dias felt the
labour movement was at a crossroads and was in
need of being steered down a new path, which
required wholesale upheaval and a new buy-in
for several key areas.
“We first needed to organize the labour
“I will argue that strengthening
the labour movement was
really Step 1 in the overall
process of changing the
politics of the country.”
– Jerry Dias
To have success as a labour organization, Unifor knows the importance of bring the community along.
The labour movement can’t flourish in isolation.
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