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The Canadian Business Journal
Accelerator program, working, helping and
developing local start-ups that are less familiar
with the industry, and help them set up the busi-
ness and accelerate product marketing.
“New companies that may be considering
overseas solution often forget about things like
managing the contract manufacturer, and the
people you need on the ground to manage these
locations, and these expenses quickly add up, but
often are not included in the cost. We want to
help start-ups to launch their business, whether
it’s accounting help, legal support, manufactur-
ing, product testing, etc. and help them get their
business off the ground,” says Craw-Ivanco. “We
have the service offering to help start-ups to get
going. This is a very fulfilling position for us. We
are trying to maintain manufacturing in North
America, support the new technologies, the
younger technology leaders in the country, help
them to own the game, and also support the
local economy.”
It’s fair to say that Urtech Manufacturing con-
tinues to enhance its niche market in the North
American high-tech electronics manufacturing.
And as the company grows, it continues to build
relationships and add new value to the whole
industry by mentoring the existing young talent,
making sure North America maintains its edge in
high-tech technology development and manu-
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