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Urtech Manufacturing
Urtech Manufacturing offers high-
tech electronics manufacturing
services to North American
companies in Canada by offering
cost competitive with the low cost
reduced materials cost, and technological
know-how are all parts of the insourcing game.
Urtech President Greg Gehl has spent his busi-
ness life in manufacturing high-tech electronics.
It was his full understanding of all the nuances
of the outsourcing game that has allowed him
to incorporate a new view: Gehl revised the
outsourcing proposition, and after adding up all
the hidden expenses and costs of manufactur-
ing abroad – from seeking out the OEM (Original
Equipment Manufacturer), establishing the man-
ufacturing, ongoing production supervision, to
the final product quality – the numbers added
up towards the fact that manufacturing high-end
electronics in North America made sense once
“I worked for a company that was out-
sourcing manufacturing overseas, and one day
I reviewed the pricing model, how the things
were priced, and what we were paying locally
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