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in comparison to overseas, and I realized that
I could produce the same product competi-
tively with higher quality and real-time, local
product support. We bid on projects just as any
other company, but our pricing aligns with the
overseas, and we manufacture better quality
products, offer real-time communication, same
time zone, better service, etc., and this helps us
build better relationships with the customers,”
says Gehl.
The proposition proved itself to be true.
Gehl launched Urtech a mere six years ago, and
today, the firm operates in 80,000 square foot
facility in Burlington, Ont., with more than 120
employees working three shifts, providing end-
to-end Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
to global OEM’s specializing in industrial, medi-
cal, communications and broadcast industries.
According to Gehl, these numbers translate to
growth of about 62,000% since the inception.
Urtech provides its clients with a complete
manufacturing solution, from design engineering
services, manufacturing, production, post-pro-
duction and configuration services, all the way to
supply chain optimization, and quality assurance.
The company operates under lean manufac-
turing practices and is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
certified. The core value of manufacturing close
to its markets is the fact that Urtech service does
not end when the product arrives to the cus-
tomer, but extends over the entire product life
cycle from the introduction of new products,
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