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CHIPS Canada
Noise has become a major part of
today’s technology-driven lifestyles.
We are besieged by loud noises,
which present an ongoing risk of
damaging our hearing. Exposure
to loud noises occurs all around
us — in the workplace, in social and
recreational settings and at home.
From sporting events, concert
venues, movie theatres, personal
music devices, and power tools,
to music devices, televisions and
even kitchen appliances. In Canada,
the number of adults with some
degree of hearing loss or deafness
may be reaching up to three million
individuals, and even a slight hearing
loss can have an adverse effect on
quality of one’s life, from the way we
work, to the way we socialize.
Practitioners Society (CHIPS) is the national pro-
fessional organization for hearing instrument
practitioners who provide hearing healthcare
services for hard of hearing people in Canada.
According to the organization, Canadians are
exposed to dangerous sound levels on a regular
basis, which put strain on the senses and can result
in hearing loss; and noise-induced hearing loss is a
growing issue, especially with younger Canadians.
The Canadian Business Journal
spoke with
Leslie Holden, President, and Daniel Tessier,
Director, about the often-self-induced noise
pollution that slowly damages a person’s ability
to hear, how Canadians can protect them-
selves from noise pollution, and the Society’s
mandate to educate Canadians on how to pro-
tect their hearing.
“Hearing loss is a common health problem.
Yes, it often develops with age, but we are seeing
an increase in hearing loss caused by continuous
or repeated exposure to loud noises. Younger
ears are particularly susceptible to loud noise
and are more vulnerable to subsequent hearing
loss,” says Holden. “And while noise is one of the
greatest threats to hearing, it is also a prevent-
able one, as it is largely within one’s control. It
is therefore important for people to recognize
noise hazards and take the simple and easy steps
to protect their hearing.”
Leslie Holden, President
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