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MARCH 2017
The Canadian Business Journal
and efficiently. “This is what makes us successful,”
says Wilson. “We employ guys in their mid 30s to
late 40s. These professionals bring a level of matu-
rity and experience, they still want to do the job,
and they are passionate about the work they do.”
By choosing the right candidates, Wildcat
ensures very low turnover, and the core group
of pilots and technicians hold the thumb on the
pulse of the company culture; however, the com-
pany also makes sure that new team members
bring new ideas and help the company culture to
evolve and change with the changing industry.
With the low turnover and small size, the
company’s core values are focused on home
and family. “We are a small company with a large
company structure, but with a core values being
home and family. Our pilots work around 180
days per year, engineers few more, but it’s not
uncommon for us to extend their holidays, sup-
port employee families, provide RRSP as well as
financial planning, and create opportunities for
employees to come together as a family. Home
and family remain our core values.”
The company is focused on providing excep-
tional service to its existing clients and plans to
continue doing so in the years to come. “Our
clients are our focus. We don’t plan to build a
40-helicopter behemoth. It’s important to us to
support our clients the best way possible, easily
maintain our existing operation, and maintain our
company culture,” concluded Wilson.
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