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Wildcat Helicopters
Based in Kelowna, B.C., Wildcat
Helicopters is one of the largest
private helicopter companies in
Canada and the world. Over the past
two decades the forward-thinking
management had created a dynamic
company and culture that is able
to address even the most complex
rescue challenges. The company’s
professional rescue crews bring
an open mind, unique problem-
solving abilities to field operations,
and always focus on working safely,
effectively, and getting the job done
right and on time.
experienced crews, and immaculate profession-
alism, long-term, exclusive-use agreements with
government agencies for firefighting throughout
Canada and internationally represent the core
company business. In total, the company has
agreements with two government agencies in
Canada, one in Australia, and serves one private
client in the firefighting off-season.
The company operates out of its air base in
West Kelowna, from a 12,000 square foot hangar
and maintenance facility. The company oper-
ates 11 medium lift aircraft (possibly the newest
helicopter fleet in Canada) and staff of 50. It has
the largest fleet (five) of Bell 412 helicopters in
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