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MARCH 2017
The Canadian Business Journal
Mike Michaud, President of Wildcat says that developing a strong team of
professional advisors has been key to the company’s success. An example is
Benson Law LLP who has been involved in Mike’s business matters for over
20 years. Benson Law’s founding Partner Garry Benson has been involved in
the development and ongoing success of Wildcat and has seen the growth
from one helicopter to the company’s present day success. Benson says that
“to work with a company like Wildcat has been a true professional pleasure.
Being involved in the company’s strategic analysis and growth has been one
of the highlights of my career. My partners and I have enjoyed our working
relationship with the Management Team of Wildcat. We truly feel that we are a
part of the company’s success and we are very proud of our relationship with
Wildcat Helicopters.
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