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MARCH 2017
The Canadian Business Journal
the country, and the company also has six Bell
212s. Four aircraft are equipped with rescue hoist-
and-winch systems, which makes Wildcat also
the largest provider of winch-equipped aircraft
in Canada, and it is the largest fleet of belly tank
helicopters in the world as a private operator, and
Wildcat was the first in Canada to equip helicopter
with the Goodrich rescue hoist. As a professional
rescue operation, Wildcat staff is able to provide
high-quality emergency and paramedical care in
emergency situations, it is certified by Transport
Canada for night operation under instrument
flight rules (IFR), air firefighting operations, and is
also certified by United Nations.
The Canadian Business Journal
spoke with
Ian Wilson, Vice President, about what Wildcat
Helicopters does differently, and what makes it
the go-to emergency aircraft service interna-
tionally. “We are in the business of helping in the
time of disaster, stress, and misadventure. The
core value is that we are here to help and provide
assistance,” says Wilson, to introduce Wildcat.
In 2016, Wildcat rescued injured hikers and
snowmobilers, provided firefighting support
across Canada, including being some of the first
aircrafts in action at Fort McMurray. The com-
pany also has an ongoing firefighting contract
in Australia. At the time of the interview, eight of
the company helicopters had been out flying, five
providing heli-skiing service (flying skiers to the
top of a mountain) to its private client, and three
in Australia.
In emergency, the company is ready-to-ship
(helicopter and equipment loaded on an aircraft
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