Brown Bros Ford Lincoln

The House of Ford

Better fuel economy, saving money, and Brown Bros Ford Lincoln is making the improvements.

A family-run operation since 1946, Brown Bros Ford Lincoln of Greater Vancouver is a third-generation automotive dealership that began as a gas station service centre and today is the No. 1 Ford Lincoln dealership by overall volume in all of British Columbia.

Tim Brown, Owner of Brown Bros Ford Lincoln, has followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him in leading the dealership to greater heights. In fact, Brown has been a part of the dealership since age 12, when he began working in the gas station. Following university, Brown returned to the dealership as part of its wholesale lease and fleet sales division, eventually taking the reins as general manager in the late 1980s.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

A potential car buyer can buy from anywhere, and any Ford Lincoln dealership, so why purchase from Brown Bros Ford Lincoln? Brown answered The Canadian Business Journal, “We are knowledgeable about the product and we are able to accommodate [customers’] needs as far as financing. We also have the advantage of having a wholesale lease company, which is quite large, and we have that to offer which most Ford dealerships do not.”

Brown Bros Ford Lincoln is defined by the strength of its people. As a family-owned business, Ford Bros Ford Lincoln takes pride in its long-time staff.

Customers returning to Brown Bros Ford Lincoln feel comfortable around the dealership’s familiar faces on hand to help. Employees of Brown Bros Ford Lincoln enjoy working at the dealership. It is no surprise that Brown Bros Ford Lincoln has been awarded the prestigious President’s Award for Customer Satisfaction and Sales every year since 2000.

Brown commented, “Without good people, you do not end up with a good customer experience, so we really concentrate on creating a good environment for our employees to do their jobs and that trickles down to the customer experience.”

New Model Launches

Most recently, customers of Brown Bros Ford Lincoln have seen the introduction of the all new Ford Escape. The revamped model features a new eco-boost engine (1.6 or 2 litres), highlighting Ford’s shift toward smaller, more fuel efficient, turbo-charged and direct-injected engines.

“It is a big change for the Escape,” Brown commented. “Also coming up is the next two big introductions of the all new Ford Fusion, and its Lincoln counterpart, the Lincoln MKZ. These are all new vehicles.”

The same eco-boost family of engines in the all new Ford Escape will also be in the Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ. The 2-litre eco-boost engine is also available with the Ford Edge and the Ford Explorer.

This focus on efficiency will continue into the future as well with the upcoming launch of the all-electric Ford Focus. The Focus Electric is Ford’s first full production, all-electric passenger vehicle. Statistics show that the Focus Electric uses a 23 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is capable of a 122 kilometre range. Brown summarized, “It is a small portion of the market but it is leading-edge technology.

“Ford made a bit of a gamble but it has paid off quite well, moving away from a traditional V8 to the eco-boost 3.5-litre V6. I think you are seeing a comparable fuel economy that is probably 20 to 25 per cent better than a comparable V8 with the same power. Eco-boost technology is direct fuel injection and turbo charging, getting the power and torque of a V8 out of a fuel economy V6.”

Aiming for the Top

The recent restructuring and refinancing of Ford did not go unnoticed at Brown Bros Ford Lincoln, although the impact of the economic slide was mostly minimal. In fact, the company is quick to acknowledge that the bankruptcies of its top-two brand competitors – General Motors and Chrysler – helped push Ford to the forefront. By volume, Ford now ranks No. 1 in Canada.

Nationally, Ford is booming, particularly in Alberta and the Prairies, taking advantage of the fuel efficiency and new technologies strategies. With plans to continue this growth into the future, Brown Bros Ford Lincoln recently completed a $4 million renovation to its dealership, reaching Ford Millennium standards, while the dealership also has its sights set on becoming Canada’s No. 1 ranked dealer in the retail-only category (not including fleet sales). Brown Bros Ford Lincoln aspires to be the absolute best.

“Our goal is to be No. 1,” Brown concluded. “We also want to achieve the highest customer satisfaction as measured by Ford, as we believe that will help us reach No. 1.”