Business in Action » April 10

Shulist Trucking

From as far back as she can remember, Tracy Shulist wanted to drive trucks. “As a kid, I would play with toy trucks and mechanic’s tools,” she laughs. “It was just [...]

Bird Construction

Construction has already reached the top floor for Toronto’s new affordable rental housing project for senior citizens. This is one of the many new additions to Canada’s development [...]

Victory Nickel

The nickel-producing landscape in North America is not necessarily set in stone. While this trend may have taken hold over the last few years, Victory Nickel, an aspiring mid-tier producer is [...]


In these tough times, it isn’t uncommon for companies to trim down expenses. In health care centres, for example, one of the first areas to go is the onsite laundry facilities. The [...]

Weed Man

You know who Weed Man is—at least you should; the company has more than 300 franchises across North America. They’re the guys driving the green and yellow trucks around your [...]

General Coach Canada

At first glance, it might seem like General Coach Canada—the Ontario-headquartered RV manufacturer—naturally owns the room. However as Roger Faulkner, company President, explains, [...]

Western Coal

Western Coal, headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. is a company that is constantly evolving. The company currently produces high-quality metallurgical and thermal coal from mines in northeast B.C. [...]

Golder Associates

As reports of a slow upturn in the economy surfaced this February, Golder Associates had more than just boosted business to celebrate. On February 18, Golder announced that it had received [...]

Western Surety

Last year, Western Surety Company celebrated its 100th anniversary. You would think that after that long in the business, the company would be ready for retirement—but Western Surety is far [...]

Harkel Office Furniture

While Harkel Office Furniture, of Vaughan, Ontario, might not come in and do your work for you, this is a company that does just about everything else—from setting up a serene and healthy [...]

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