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Columbia International College

Students attending Columbia International College learn in more ways than in the classroom. Students attend Columbia International College as boarding students, and become encompassed with the [...]


There are few more frustrating things in life than being ready for sleep, yet unable to catch the ‘zzzzz’s’ you need. Before you know it, your mind starts dissecting [...]

Contact Exploration

Having secured a series of oil and gas assets in eastern Canada, Contact Exploration Inc. demonstrates how economic comebacks are not impossiblein a shaky marketplace. The vast majority of the [...]

MiHR Innovate

In the April issue of CBJ, we introduced you the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR), the sector council for the Canadian minerals and metals industry, and MiHR Innovate, the latest [...]

Edmonton Public Library

The Edmonton Public Library has grown from humble beginnings to 17 branches that span across the Alberta capital. This month, The Canadian Business Journal spoke with Linda Cook, CEO of the [...]

Rudolph’s Bakeries

“Our bread has true old world flavour,” says David Read, President of Rudolph’s Bakeries. Since 1951, Rudolph’s Bakeries has produced high quality bread for its loyal [...]

Electec Ltd.

"Making electrical wiring safer and more efficient" is how electrical manufacturing firm Electec describes its approach to business. The company is a leader in the design, development [...]

South Fish Creek Recreation Complex

If there is one thing Canadians cannot get enough of, it’s our frozen passion of ice hockey. The popularity of the sport is evidenced across Canada in communities where the availability of [...]

Gestion ADC

In supporting and aiding the economic activity and development of localCree communities, Gestion ADC has found itself playing a vital role formany aboriginal populations in eastern Canada. [...]

Direct Energy

Direct Energy is one of North America’s largest energy and energy-related services providers whose mandate is to offer customers choice and support in managing their energy costs through a [...]

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