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A global leader providing end-to-end solutions for HD video streaming, recording, management and delivery on-premise, over the Internet and in the cloud, Haivision’s expertise spans across [...]

Can Facebook Sustain and Increase Mobile Advertising Revenue?

Despite widespread skepticism from a seemingly large segment of the investment community, Facebook has confounded critics who thought it would be incapable of making money from the rapid growth [...]

Is Social Media Just a Popularity Contest?

Popularity is a funny thing online. You can reach millions of people with a couple clicks of a mouse but never actually meet them in person. We often get tied to metrics like web traffic or [...]

Blackburn Radio Inc.

In an era when monumental conglomerates dominate a substantive percentage of the broadcasting industry in Canada, it is immensely refreshing and reassuring to bear witness to a family-owned [...]

Businesses Lacking a Social Media Strategy Are At Risk In 2013

Many Canadian businesses are about to get a run for their money if they continue to lack a strong online presence going forward into 2013. Unfortunately, that same spot in the Yellow Pages will [...]

Incospec Communications

Laval-based communications company Incospec Communications has had to evolve rapidly over 34 years to keep up with the transmission technology and services it provides. Based in Laval, Que., just [...]

Bruce Telecom

From home phone, to digital television, to high speed Internet and cellular products, Bruce Telecom offers it all. Wholly owned by the Municipality of Kincardine, Bruce Telecom is a local [...]

Cogeco Business Solutions

In the constantly evolving world of telecommunications, innovation cannot be overstated as a key fundamental requirement for corporate success. This dynamic holds true for most industries, but is [...]

Cable Public Affairs Channel

Since 1992, the Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) has provided Canadian viewers with balanced, detailed and complementary public affairs broadcasts.Owned by Rogers, Shaw, Videotron, Cogeco, [...]

Three People That Shouldn’t Be Doing Your Social Media

The debate has long been settled on whether or not you should do social media for your business and turned to the question of how to implement it exactly. There are a few different beliefs and [...]

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