Business in Action » July 11

The Good Samaritans Society

The Good Samaritans Society, a west Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization, has been providing high-level care to society’s vulnerable for more than 60 years. The group, which [...]

Benign Energy Canada II Inc (BECI)

Wind energy is perhaps the world’s best form of renewable clean green energy, growing globally by some 35 per cent a year, something Benign Energy Canada II Inc (BECI) is working diligently [...]

South Red Deer Regional Wastewater Commission

South Red Deer Regional Wastewater Commission is setting the standard for modern ways of handling wastewater Without managing wastewater, where would we be? The answer is, up the proverbial [...]


The bedbug epidemic in North America is worse than ever before. These pesky bugs have returned with a vengeance, and traditional pesticide remedies are increasingly under scrutiny by health [...]

Copper Mountain Mining Corporation

With copper prices climbing, companies exploring the world’s most prolific copper zones are gearing up to capitalize on the resource. Developing the Copper Mountain Project in southern [...]

A new community hub in Canmore

Located in Alberta’s dramatic, picturesque Bow Valley, the town of Canmore sits nestled amongst the Three Sisters, Mount Lawrence Grassi, Lady McDonald and Grotto Mountains and its origins [...]


The designer, manufacturer and distributor of casing cementing equipment has been headquartered in Edmonton since it was founded in 1963. Complementing a 132,000 square foot Canadian facility is [...]

FairWest Energy

Oil and gas exploration company FairWest Energy was formed in August, 2005, by an amalgamation of Fairstar Explorations Inc. a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Western [...]

Parks Foundation Calgary

Parks, pathways and green spaces add an intangible positive element to any urban centre. Parks Foundation Calgary is a non-profit organization that has dedicated more than 25 years to promoting [...]

Vehicle Development Group International

Vehicle Development Group International (VDGI) is a new company with has been in the automotive industry for 35 years. It was during the recent economic downturn—which arguably hit the [...]

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