Business in Action » March 11

Sims Recycling Solutions

On February 9th, CBJ had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) newest recycling facility, located in Mississauga. The 287,000 square foot facility is home [...]

Welcoming business to Winkler/Stanley

The City of Winkler and the Rural Municipality of Stanley have numerous joint interests including a common workforce, shared services and most importantly, a mutual desire to see the region [...]

Slush Puppie Canada

Perpetually rooted in childhood, the iconic Slush Puppie is celebrating 35 years in Canada this year. The best known and most popular iced beverage in the world originated in the United States [...]

Amorfix Life Sciences Alzheimer Research

Mississauga, Ontario-based Amorfix Life Sciences has announced that is developing a new diagnostic test that is able to measure clumped protein fragments, called aggregated beta amyloid, in human [...]

Souris Valley Industries

Six years ago, Dustin Bell and father Don bought Souris Valley Industries, a Saskatchewan-based precast concrete company successfully in business since 1977. In these past six years, Souris [...]

Abrams Towing Services

You hope to never be in the position to need them, but if you ever do, Abrams Towing has the team and equipment to handle any towing need. Abrams Towing came to be one of the largest towing [...]

Red River Floodway Expansion Project

The Red River Valley and Winnipeg for decades has been an area prone to floods. Dating back to 1950, Winnipeg had a number of floods that forced residents to evacuate their homes, offices, [...]

Sudbury Auto Auction

The business model of Sudbury Auto Auction is simple, yet unique. Established in 1986, the company  has served as wholesale automotive auctioneers in northern Ontario for more than 25 years. [...]

AATEL Communications

AATEL Communications has effectively transitioned within the communications industry from a small telephone systems provider to a fully-integrated communications solutions company, specializing [...]

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Saskatchewan Roughriders’ Jim Hopson talks football with CBJ The measure of success, for any sports franchise, can be heard by the numbers of screaming fans that show up to the game, but [...]

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