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Munck Cranes

Stoney Creek, Ontario, is not the immediate place that comes to mind when thoughts turn to cranes and handling equipment, but Munck Cranes Inc. is changing that. The Canadian-owned and operated [...]

Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission

You might think a landfill is nothing more than a few acres of land assigned to collect mounds of garbage. But after talking with the folks at Alberta-based Beaver Regional Waste Management [...]

Organo Gold

It is instant, which initially made me doubt its validity as a good coffee. That’s because any real coffee drinker knows instant is inferior, and should only be consumed in the most urgent [...]

Canadian Communication Products

Although technology has changed significantly in the last 25 years—and continues to do so—Canadian Communication Products (CCP) has managed to hold on to its fundamental vision: to [...]

Pacific Forage Bag Supply

Maybe you’ve seen them around. The long, white plastic bags filled with silage, lying atop farmers’ fields. If you frequent the country side, chances are, you have. For a lot of [...]

CGI Group Inc

When the equipment service provider first opened its doors for business, it began with the basics. CGI Group Inc., then just Capital Crane Ltd., rented out a small range of construction [...]

XPV Capital

When the Ontario government recently announced its plans to make the province a “clean water technology capital,” it attracted the attention of U.S. media, as well as the expertise [...]

Cervus Equipment Corporation

When the founder and CEO of Cervus Equipment Corporation first started out in the business, he was a 25-year-old junior dealer. The year was 1982 when Peter Lacey and his brother-in-law began to [...]

Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Facility

As the folks at the Ontario-based Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Facility know, high-quality standards are not limited to drinking water. The same stringent criteria have been transferred to [...]

Hydro Québec’s Société de développement de la Baie James

A sustainability development project with the ambitious goal to generate ‘green revenues’ and promote social acceptability between different cultures. It’s the kind of story [...]

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