Business in Action » Nov/Dec 09

Ajax Textile

Ajax Textile is a family-owned commission dyeing and finishing operation that began in 1954, inside a small, post-war maintenance building. Founder Tony Serra, a seasoned dyer and businessman, [...]

De Beers Diamonds

The largest diamond company in the world, De Beers, broke new ground in the Northwest Territories, Canada, with the official opening of its Snap Lake Mine in July 2008. Snap Lake is the first of [...]

Adex Mining

Nestled in southern New Brunswick lies a unique mining property, called Mount Pleasant, known for the concentra­tion of its resources. According to a Government of Canada report, Mount Pleasant [...]

Phoenix Industrial

Phoenix Industrial has a different approach to solving customers’ problems.  “We’re not traditional,” says Kelly Adams, Vice President. “We help clients from a process-oriented perspective. [...]

Sea Cargo Air Cargo Logistics Inc.

Mississauga-based Sea Cargo Air Cargo Logistics Inc (SCACLI) is an international freight forwarder that offers a full range of import and export services for air, sea and rail transportation, [...]

FNX Mining

Finance, business and geological expertise strike it big in the Sudbury Basin The partnership between  FNX Mining and Sudbury, Ontario, was forged out of  the earth many years ago.  It started [...]

Wills Transfer

Based in eastern Ontario, Wills Transfer was founded by the Wills family just after the war, in 1945. It was company president Terry Wills’ father and grandfather who began the business with two [...]

Integra Technologies

For over 15 years, Integra Technologies has operated as an independent, employee-owned company that serves multiple markets in North America, as well as offshore. From oil and gas projects to [...]

ROE Logistics

ROE Logistics provides the ties that bind supply and demand in Canada and the United States. The company, founded in 1979, developed from a brokerage business to include export and import freight [...]

Livingston International

Although they are not few and far between, it’s always nice to hear about Canadian companies that are succeeding both nationally and internationally.  Livingston International, a leading North [...]

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