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Business in Action » Nov/Dec 09

Red Lake Gold Corp.

The original mill was built in 1948 and was dismantled in early 2000. Following a high grade discovery and subsequent mine expansion, a new mill was commissioned in mid 2000 to treat the new high [...]

Concept Group

According to Architecture 2030, an organization for the environmental transformation of the global building sector, buildings are responsible for almost half (48 per cent) of all energy [...]


It’s simple, really. If you want to build any structure, it has to have a solid foundation. That’s what Petrifond does. “We specialise in deep foundation construction for structures that cannot [...]

Ceratec Ceramics

Whether they are for aesthetics, protection or durability, ceramic tiles have been for used in cherished abodes for centuries. The versatil­ity of ceramics has made them as popular and widely [...]

Prestige Telecom

Prestige Telecom’s story began in 1980, when the company started as a niche provider of refurbished electromagnetic switches and installation services for companies, such as Bell Canada. As years [...]


Choosing furniture is often a combination of functionality, style and price. Bestar Inc. under­stands all three considerations, which is why it offers chic and practical products, at affordable [...]

Skelton Truck Lines

About 28 years ago, Ontario-based Skelton Truck Lines got a call from a customer; he needed the company’s carrier services to haul blood products from Canada to the United States. In learning [...]

Armco Capital

If you live in Atlantic Canada, you have probably heard of Armco Capital.  That’s because the company owns 40 per cent of the residential market, developing 600 to 700 lots per year. Over the [...]

Swish Maintenance

Swish Maintenance started in 1956 in Peterborough, Ontario, when Walter Ambler decided he needed a career change. Prior to founding Swish, Walter had worked for another company for most of his [...]

Ajax Textile

Ajax Textile is a family-owned commission dyeing and finishing operation that began in 1954, inside a small, post-war maintenance building. Founder Tony Serra, a seasoned dyer and businessman, [...]

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