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As the cost of healthcare in Canada continues to soar, facilities are continually seeking ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. In a dynamic industry such as healthcare, how does one [...]

Vancouver Island University

Against the beautifully diverse natural landscape and shorelines of Vancouver Island lies an institute for progressive learning, Vancouver Island University (VIU). The institution is one of [...]

The City of Waterloo

There’s a reason that companies like Research In Motion (RIM) prosper in Waterloo, Ontario. There is a reason that the city has grown 25 per cent in the last decade and a reason that [...]

Heartland Regional Health Authority

In Heartland Health Region’s annual report, the region reiterated its vision to build “a region of healthy people and healthy communities.” With all the recent activity [...]

Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce

Fort McMurray, located in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, is the largest city in the municipality and is rich with possibilities for growth. Though known as being an “oil [...]

Small Business Forum 2010

In Canada, 99 per cent of new businesses created are classified as “small business”, defined as privately-owned and operated companies with less than 500 employees and having total [...]

Grand Touring Automobiles

Everyone has that daydream during childhood of being behind the wheel of a British luxury vehicle. Whether zipping around a country curve with enviable, Bond-style Aston Martin speed, or [...]

Ermineskin Cree Nation

The Ermineskin Cree Nation is a member of the Four Nations of Hobbema, Alberta, a community which serves four Cree bands in Alberta. The Cree Nation has a long, historical relationship with the [...]

The Innovation of Gridpath Solutions

The consumer has an inherent expectation that the food they purchase is and will be safe for consumption. Although examples of this expectation not being met are few, instances of food [...]

Winsport Canada

Drop the puck. That will soon be the message at WinSport Canada’s new Athletic and Ice Complex (AIC), a creation that is more than your standard hockey arena; it is an entire winter sport [...]

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