Business in Action » November 10

The Innovation of Gridpath Solutions

The consumer has an inherent expectation that the food they purchase is and will be safe for consumption. Although examples of this expectation not being met are few, instances of food [...]

Winsport Canada

Drop the puck. That will soon be the message at WinSport Canada’s new Athletic and Ice Complex (AIC), a creation that is more than your standard hockey arena; it is an entire winter sport [...]

City of Nanaimo

About  six years ago, the City of Nanaimo’s city council decided it was time for a “spring cleaning” of sorts; that the city’s appearance was not doing justice to the [...]

Autoroute 25

Over the last year, infrastructure development in Canada has increased. Road networks and communities are expanding as the country accommodates its growing economy and the government executes its [...]

Penalta Group

Speaking with businesses and companies on a daily basis as we do here at The Canadian Business Journal, we have encountered time and again cases where companies—particularly in the construction [...]

Shoeless Joe’s

“We’re serious about good food.” The slogan for the Shoeless Joe’s restaurant chain, one of ambiance, atmosphere and an aromatic menu, truly illustrates its commitment to [...]

Galrich Corporation

The backbone of any business is something very simple—concrete. Like any material, however, it has a life cycle. Fortunately for buildings, facilities and institutions everywhere, this crucial [...]

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