Business in Action » November 11

Northquest Ltd.

When geologist Jon North made his second, then third visit to an area just 60 kilometres from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, and, significantly, 80 kilometres from the renowned gold producing site at [...]

Westowne Mazda

Westowne Mazda provides the latest and greatest of the Mazda brand. Located on Dundas West of Toronto, Westowne Mazda began in 1983 and today continues as a family-run operation, managed by the [...]

Athabasca Basin Security Service

Being a 100 per cent Aboriginal/First Nations owned and operated company is a source of pride for Ron Hyggen, CEO of Athabasca Basin Security Service. Headquartered in Saskatoon and Wollaston [...]

PPP Canada

Canadians are fortunate to enjoy a high quality of life. It’s likely that we are so accustomed to having fresh tap water to drink, safe roads on which to drive and buildings in which our [...]

Brazil Canada Chamber of Commerce

The Brazil Canada Chamber of Commerce works to strengthen international relations and commerce between Canada and Brazil. Maintaining strong relationships with both countries, the Brazil Canada [...]

Papason Trucking

Prince George, B.C. is home to Papason Trucking, the transportation company that specializes in refrigerated delivery service. Serving the province of British Columbia, Papason Trucking began as [...]

Centric Health

The dynamic growth of Centric Health over the last few years is particularly impressive. This highly diversified healthcare company has had a significant string of acquisitions that are aligned [...]

Penco Drywall

Last year, when Penco Drywall spoke with The Canadian Business Journal, the company discussed its goal of entering the lucrative high rise market. One year later, Penco Drywall has accomplished [...]

Dominion Lending Centres

Dominion Lending Centres President and Co-founder, Gary Mauris, is as energetic and passionate as the company’s national spokesperson, Don Cherry. It was exactly these traits that grew [...]

Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC

Global investment management and solutions firm Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC, or PIMCO, opened its doors in Canada in 2004. This addition, the world’s largest mutual fund, [...]

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