Business in Action » October 10

CBJ Onsite: Honda Canada

The biggest surprise, approaching the Honda Canada facility, is the sprawl of the space. The Markham-based warehouse is located on a large piece of land set apart from the rest of suburban GTA. [...]

Saskatchewan’s Potash Corp

“As you know, the last several weeks have been eventful for Potash Corp.” — Bill Doyle, President and Chief Executive Officer, in a statement to Potash Corp’s [...]

Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory

Officially opening in May 2010, the new Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory is the result of more than seven years of planning. A move from the old facility, one of the oldest public health [...]

Manluk Mining

Manluk Global Manufacturing Solutions, which originated as a machine shop in 1978, has gone through a monumental amount of growth in the last decade. The company is a world leader in [...]


You’ve got a friend in the Hometech Window Corporation. That’s the motto coming from Paul Boire, Vice President of the company. “We try to treat everybody like a friend. People [...]

Expansion engine: Oakville's New Transit facility

Every week day at 7:15 a.m., Karen Bailey is greeted by her bus driver when the Oakville Transit bus arrives at the stop at the corner of Ford Drive and Lakeshore in Oakville, Ontario. Bailey [...]

Pickering Toyota

Andrew Chung, owner of Pickering Toyota, built his business from the ground up. In 1988, he made the bold move of buying two Toyota dealerships at once—and it paid off. The growth and [...]

Pella Windows and Doors

Pella Corporation, one of the global window and door manufacturing leaders, corporately expanded into the Ontario market in 2001, bringing with it a full range or residential and commercial [...]

Edmonton Remand Centre

An ambitious five-year, 16-acre, 2,000 capacity Remand Centre is being erected in Edmonton’s north end. Behind the project is a capable and innovative team who are learning that the best [...]

Cree Construction and Development Company

Throughout its 32 years in business, Cree Construction and Development Company (CCDC) has participated in some of Canada’s biggest construction projects, notably with Quebec Hydro. Founded [...]

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