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Expansion engine: Oakville's New Transit facility

Every week day at 7:15 a.m., Karen Bailey is greeted by her bus driver when the Oakville Transit bus arrives at the stop at the corner of Ford Drive and Lakeshore in Oakville, Ontario. Bailey [...]

Pickering Toyota

Andrew Chung, owner of Pickering Toyota, built his business from the ground up. In 1988, he made the bold move of buying two Toyota dealerships at once—and it paid off. The growth and [...]

Pella Windows and Doors

Pella Corporation, one of the global window and door manufacturing leaders, corporately expanded into the Ontario market in 2001, bringing with it a full range or residential and commercial [...]

Edmonton Remand Centre

An ambitious five-year, 16-acre, 2,000 capacity Remand Centre is being erected in Edmonton’s north end. Behind the project is a capable and innovative team who are learning that the best [...]

Cree Construction and Development Company

Throughout its 32 years in business, Cree Construction and Development Company (CCDC) has participated in some of Canada’s biggest construction projects, notably with Quebec Hydro. Founded [...]

Penco Drywall

Jeff Pierce, an industry veteran, noticed a genuine need for a reputable, consistent drywall company in Southern Ontario. He envisioned a company that takes pride in the quality of its work, [...]

The Niagara Parks

Niagara Falls has long been a popular tourist destination. The spectacular Falls are an iconic symbol of natural beauty. The area itself, however, is a multi-faceted destination of beauty, [...]

Sealed Air

Sealed Air is a global leader in the manufacturing of materials, equipment and systems for the protection, preservation, presentation and packaging for the industrial, food and consumer markets. [...]


Global software consultant Macadamian helps companies create innovative technology products and offer a complete range of user experience design and software development services. The company was [...]

Kitchener Public Library

For many people, libraries bring to mind images of dusty shelves and begrudging visits for school projects. But city libraries have come a long way since the early days of paperbacks and card [...]

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