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Baltimore City Shifts Into High Gear Using Envista Enterprise ROW Coordination for Successful Grand Prix Through Downtown Streets

BEVERLY, MA - Envista Corporation, the world's leading provider of enterprise right-of-way (ROW) coordination solutions via the web, today announced that the City of Baltimore, Md. used the Envista Enterprise ROW Coordination Platform to coordinate paving projects, road closures, detours and variable message signs for the City of Baltimore's inaugural Grand Prix auto race. This official IndyCar® race attracted an estimated 160,000 attendees during the three day event, which wound along a two-mile track through the City's iconic Inner Harbor and Camden Yards.

The automated software-as-a-service from Envista played a key role in planning this first of five annual Grand Prix races, which are expected to generate $11 million in direct city tax revenue, create nearly 2,000 full-time equivalent jobs and inject $250 million in spending into the City's economy, according to the Economic Impact Report released by Baltimore Racing Development.

The Envista Enterprise ROW Coordination Platform provides race planners with a timeline to coordinate and communicate with all stakeholders involved in the Grand Prix. It allows users to see where paving projects are planned in geographic relation to the track to avoid conflicts. In addition, the Envista platform enabled Baltimore's traffic management to coordinate with the event planners to determine which streets would be closed and for what duration, how traffic would be re-routed, and where variable message signs needed to be placed. Coordination with emergency units was also handled to plan appropriately for rapid response.

An added benefit of using Envista for this event was the ability to track permits. Using a built-in set of tools for workflow modeling, the City was able to track, route and approve permits for the race online. Users were also able to attach related documents and manage inspections in the same Envista environment, saving a significant amount of time in the process.

Brad Steer, Envista's Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing, said, "Envista was honored to help make this international event safe and rewarding for Baltimore City and all the race fans who attended. By all accounts, the event was a huge success, giving the global community a new look at this world-class city. Using Envista's automated workflow and coordination technology demonstrated how a large and complex event like a Grand Prix can be carried out smoothly and successfully, minimizing risks, using resources cost-efficiently and allowing the City to garner as much revenue as possible from the effort."

(Marketwire - Oct 6, 2011)

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