CAN-MED Healthcare

Integrated Healthcare

IMP Group International is an east coast company focused on global and sustainable growth. Employing 3,500 experienced people, IMP delivers service, quality and value to customers across diverse sectors, such as aerospace, aviation, airline, healthcare, industrial marine, information technology, and hospitality and property development.

IMP’s healthcare division, CAN-Med Healthcare, will be the focus of this article. Headquartered in Bedford, Nova Scotia, CAN-Med is one of Canada’s most integrated healthcare companies, with a business portfolio spanning four distinct segments of the healthcare field: medical/surgical supplies and equipment; health imaging; mobility equipment; and dental supplies.

Having been an integral part of the Canadian healthcare landscape since 1967, the Can-Med team has worked in close collaboration with numerous industry leaders and healthcare providers. By fostering these relationships, Can-Med has consistently been providing Canadians with the services and products needed to enjoy healthier and more robust lives.

Over the years, Can-Med has grown to span the country from Newfoundland to British Columbia, with offices in 13 cities nationwide. Can-Med’s 210 person team believes in helping others is dedicated to meeting industry challenges, such as keeping costs competitive while maintaining a level of quality.


As the largest independently owned regional provider of healthcare products in Atlantic Canada, the Medical-Surgical division of CAN-Med Healthcare provides the equipment needed by acute, extended and primary care units in hospitals from sea to sea. CAN-Med distinguishes itself by surveying medical care providers and compiling their feedback on specific products. This is more than a value-add to its customers, because it provides the facility administrators who will use these products with superior clinical and educational support on innovative products that may initially be unfamiliar to the caregiver.
Additionally, CAN-Med ensures these healthcare providers are equipped with information from world renowned medical manufactures. This “end-user” interaction and “after-sale” support keeps CAN-Med in touch with their customers after the point-of-sale. In an era when many companies are struggling to deliver consistent solutions for healthcare facilities, CAN-Med is looked to by companies across the country for its customer-service model. In an industry where accuracy is imperative, the company has invested in 400 manufacturers support structures, and provide experienced, fully capable solutions when needed.

Health Imaging

Sister to the Medical- Surgical division is CAN-med Health Imaging— a top-tier, national based, health imaging equipment and accessory provider. The company’s reputation has garnered several exclusive business partnerships, and as such, CAN-Med Healthcare represents the world’s leading manufactures’ in the medical radiology field including AGFA, Beekley, Biodex, Carestream, EZ-EM, IDC, Infab, Medrad, Sony and UltraRay. Hospitals rely on CAN-Med for premier source for high quality equipment, products and a variety of services which keep Canada’s health care system amongst the best in the world.
CAN-Med Healthcare Health Imaging has approximately 40 experienced service and bilingual technical support professionals, in seven sales and distribution locations from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver, British Columbia.


People with mobility difficulties have greater challenges in making active living part of their lives. For those with mobility difficulties, being active is the key to freedom and independence. CAN-Med has a comprehensive selection of mobility equipment that is available to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians with these special needs. This equipment includes:

  •  Manual wheelchairs
  •  Electric wheelchairs
  •  Wheelchair ramps
  •  Wheelchair lifts
  •  Power wheelchairs
  •  Electric scooters
  •  Mobility scooters
  •  Lift chairs
  •  Walkers and
  •  Stair lifts

CAN-Med also offers a full range of home medical equipment to enable those with special needs to live in the comfort of their own home. Bathroom and bath tub safety products, home accessibility solutions and soft/disposable personal health care products such as incontinence supplies, wound care, compression and bracing are some of the products that are vital to a certain demographic of Canadians.

These specialty home health care products are designed to enhance the quality of life for people experiencing disabilities, injuries, surgeries and aging. Caring, knowledgeable and highly trained consultants are available for consultation in finding the specific solution for each customer.

Dental Source Canada

Finally, it was in 1999 that the Dental Source Canada was built on the established logistics networks of the former business unit, CAN-Med Surgical Supplies. Dental Source Canada now operates with the guidance of CAN-med Healthcare by providing dental equipment to dentists from sea to sea.
From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dental Source Canada sells an extensive line of consumable products to the Maritime dental community and offers regional customer service as well as inventory. To keep up with the busy dental community, Dental Source Canada with its locally based warehouse is committed to providing next business day delivery on many of the products the dental industry requires. With the logistics and administrative support of CAN-Med Healthcare’s infrastructure, Dental Source Canada and its experienced staff, supply products to the dental industry and ensure smooth, uninterrupted day to day operations.
Evidently, CAN-Med covers all bases in healthcare and makes customers its number-one priority. And as the company continues to grow and serve the industry, Canadians can continue to enjoy the benefits of its success.