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Tesla May Build A Plant in Germany

CBJ — Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his company is looking to Germany to build another large manufacturing plant. The U.S. electric automaker favors the western European country as its prime [...]

Recreational Marijuana Legalized

CBJ — Canada has become the first industrialized western nation to make the use of recreational marijuana legal. In Ottawa, the Senate voted to pass Bill C-45, the government’s legislation [...]

Markets in a Quandry as U.S. Threatens Deeper Tariffs

CBJ — International stock markets are in a tizzy after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to put another $200 billion in tariffs on imports from China. The Chinese government [...]

South Korea & Japan Halt Canadian Wheat Imports

CBJ — South Korea and Japan are no longer accepting Canadian wheat imports following the discovery of a small number of genetically modified plants in southern Alberta. Suspending product [...]

Swoop Airlines Set to Fly

CBJ — Another airline is set to take flight in the already competitive industry with the official launch of Swoop, a low-cost offshoot of WestJet. It’s expected Swoop will make its [...]

Mexican Election Creating Lots of Friction

CBJ — Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has made it quite clear he is not supporting Mexico’s presidential frontrunner, saying recently he is “concerned and afraid” about what leftist Andres [...]

Trade War Ramifications

CBJ — If the trade wars between the U.S. and Canada continue to escalate there is no telling just how badly it will stifle the Canadian economy. But most financial experts mostly seem to [...]

Google Invests in Alibaba Challenger

CBJ — It appears as if Alibaba and the vast Asian economic market has come onto Google’s radar and as such the world’s undisputed online search engine king has decided to invest [...]

Manufacturing Sales Down in April

CBJ — Manufacturing sales were down 1.3% in April with a value of $56.2 billion. The decline can mainly be attributed to sales weakness in petroleum and coal products and transportation [...]

U.S. Hits China with $50B in Import Tariffs

CBJ — The trade wars just keep get bigger and bigger. The latest move by the U.S. Trump administration puts a 25% tariff on up to $50 billion worth of Chinese imports. The move is sure to [...]

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