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Lyft vs Uber

CBJ — As of today people in Toronto now have the choice between two ride-hailing services — Uber and Lyft. The launch of Lyft in Toronto marks the first foray for the fledgling [...]

Apple Acquiring Shazam

CBJ — Apple is buying Shazam, a popular app that has the ability to recognize music for listeners when it receives just a small audio sample. The news of Apple’s acquisition was first [...]

GM’s Renewable Commitment

CBJ — General Motors of Canada is proposing to build a renewable energy project at its St. Catharines Propulsion Plant in Ontario, a first of its kind endeavour for the automaker which it [...]

Reforms Coming for Ontario’s Auto Insurance

CBJ — The province of Ontario is making some much-needed changes to the auto insurance industry in an effort to combat costly fraud and also to reduce rates for drivers, who pay on average [...]

Bank Rate Remains at 1%

CBJ — The Bank of Canada has kept its key overnight benchmark lending rate steady at 1%.  The move comes as no surprise to most financial analysts after the bank implemented two small [...]

Disney and Fox Resume Talks

CBJ — Talks have resumed between Walt Disney and Twenty-First Century Fox about the former purchasing a large chunk of Fox’s media assets. However, Comcast remains in the picture and [...]

Trade Gap Narrows in October

CBJ — The nation’s trade deficit narrowed to $1.5 billion October, representing a large decline after reaching a revised $3.4 billion the previous month. According to Statistics [...]

Aphria Looks to Be Medical Marijuana Supplier for Shoppers Drug Mart

CBJ — With the federal government set to make the selling of marijuana legal, companies are clamoring for big contracts with retail distributors. Marijuana producer Aphria Inc. has notably [...]

UK Wants Bitcoin to Follow Anti-laundering rules

CBJ — The United Kingdom has come out in support of increased regulation of Bitcoin and other digital currencies by expanding the reach of European Union anti-money-laundering rules that [...]

American Airlines Reaches Deal with Pilots

CBJ — Pilots with American Airlines have reached an agreement over premium pay for some December flights over the Christmas season after a scheduling foul-up initially gave too many pilots [...]

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