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20% of Boards Are Females

CBJ — Data released by Statistics Canada indicates that women fill just shy of 20% of the seats on corporate boards of directors across public, government and private organizations, but at [...]

$1.15 Billion Investment for GM Cruise

CBJ — The GM Cruise and the autonomous vehicle unit at General Motors is recieing $1.15 billion from investors as a means of speeding up the process of this line of automobile. The huge [...]

Morgan Stanley Exiting Russia

CBJ — Morgan Stanley is voluntarily exiting Russia. The large U.S.-based bank will send an official notice to the Russian central bank that it will close operations in the country in the [...]

Tesla to Raise $2.7 Billion in Capital

CBJ — Just one day after announcing plans to sell notes and stock to raise much-needed capital, Tesla boosted the size of its offering to as high as $2.7 billion. The electric car and solar [...]

TransCanada Now TC Energy

CBJ — TransCanada is officially dropping the “Canada” from its name, but CEO Russ Girling isn’t saying he expects it will make it any easier to get pipelines approved in [...]

U.S. Tariffs On China Jump To 25%

CBJ — U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that tariffs on US$200 billion of Chinese imports will jump from 10% to 25% as negotiations continue between the two countries. Trump has twice [...]

First Canola — Now Pork

CBJ — China has lashed out against Canada for a second time and is now suspending Canadian permits of two Canadian pork exporters. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said that [...]

Assange Fights U.S. Extradition

CBJ — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is fighting an extradition order to the United States, where he would be put on trial on numerous criminal charges relating to the conspiracy to hack [...]

Volkswagen Holding Its Ground

CBJ — German automaker Volkswagen has had to wade through the choppy waters of its 2015 diesel scandal, but nonetheless it seems to be treading water with only a slight profit drop in its [...]

Barr Faces Mueller Report Questions

CBJ — In testimony before the U.S. Judiciary Committee, Attorney General William Barr defended his handling of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Mueller had sent a letter [...]

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