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Premiers Reach Alcohol Deal

CBJ — Canada’s premiers have struck a deal that will effectively double the amount of beer and alcohol that can be taken across provincial and territorial borders. The deal was agreed [...]

Inflation Moves To 2.5%

CBJ — The annual inflation rate was up to 2.5% in June as consumer prices increased at their most rapid pace in more than six years. Inflation in May was 2.2%. Much of the inflationary [...]

CP Rail Profits Hindered By Labour Unrest

CBJ — Net income for the second quarter at Canadian Pacific Railway was down 10% despite higher revenues due to service interruptions related to labour negotiations and strike notices. The [...]

Google Hit With $5.6 Billion Fine

CBJ — Google plans to appeal a decision made by European Union regulators that hit the tech company with a $5.6 billion antitrust fine for using its Android mobile¬†operating system to push [...]

Comcast Drops Fox Bid To Focus on Sky

CBJ — Comcast has abandoned its $66 billion bid for Twenty-First Century Fox entertainment assets and will instead focus its full attention on acquiring European broadcaster Sky PLC. The [...] Now Worth $900 Billion

CBJ — Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world and the company he founded in his Seattle basement in 1994 may soon be the most valuable as well. Jeff Bezos, who has an estimated net worth [...]

Alberta Beer Subsidy Dispute

CBJ — The province of Alberta will appeal a court ruling ordering a $2 million payment be awarded to two out-of-province breweries over a disputed beer subsidy. The government filed the [...]

Marriott Banning Plastic Straws

CBJ — Just a week after Starbucks and Hyatt Hotels announced the phasing out of plastic straws, Marriott International is following suit. Marriott, the large international hotel chain, [...]

Goldman Sachs Has A New CEO

CBJ — Goldman Sachs Group has named David Solomon has its new CEO.¬† Until now, Solomon had served as the bank’s chief operating officer. Meanwhile the company reported a [...]

World Economy Should Grow 3.9%

CBJ — Despite ongoing economic trade wars perpetuated by the U.S. government and also increased oil prices, the International Monetary Fund is keeping its overall forecast for global [...]

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