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Mastercard Dropping Name from Logo

CBJ — Executives at one of the world’s largest credit card companies have made a corporate decision to drop the written name from the company’s iconic logo. The word word [...]

Unemployment at 43-year low

CBJ — The national unemployment rate remained at a 43-year low of 5.6% last month as the economy closed out 2018 with the addition of 9,300 net new jobs. For the second straight month, the [...]

HBC Stock Rises

CBJ — Hudson’s Bay stock surged by about 12% after an entity controlled by HBC executive chairman Richard Baker announced it picked up another 8% stake in the department store [...]

Marriott Hacking Update

CBJ — There is a bit of good news regarding the infamous hack of Marriott’s computer system.  It now appears as if fewer guest records were compromised in a massive data breach than [...]

Google’s $23 Billion Tax Haven

CBJ — Documents reveal that Google transferred nearly $23 billion through a Dutch shell company to Bermuda in 2017, as part of an arrangement that allows it to reduce its foreign tax bill. [...]

Class Action vs Uber Green-Lighted

CBJ — A proposed class-action lawsuit against the ride-hailing company Uber filed by one of its drivers will go ahead after Ontario’s top court reversed a lower court decision that [...]

Stocks Tumble on Apple Warning

CBJ — Stocks on the NYSE dropped significantly on Thursday after Apple warned it will come nowhere near its projected quarterly sales forecast, largely because of weakening growth and [...]

Volatile Gas Prices

CBJ — Plunging world oil prices has resulted in relief at the gas pumps but fuel expert Dan McTeague says motorists should fill up now because prices are expected to be volatile in 2019. [...]

Michael Kors Now Capri

CBJ — Michael Kors is changing its corporate name to Capri after adding two high-end brands within its ownership group. The company announced the acquisition of the Italian fashion house [...]

Cape Breton Call Centre Reopens

CBJ — The Cape Breton call centre that abruptly laid off hundreds of workers just weeks before Christmas will officially reopen this Wednesday. Iowa businessman Anthony Marlowe purchased [...]

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