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Minister Brison Resigns from Cabinet

CBJ — In a move that has taken many by surprise, Member of Parliament Scott Brison is resigning from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet and will not be seeing re-election this fall in [...]

Bombardier Nets $669M Deal

CBJ — Bombardier has signed a $669-million US deal to provide 113 commuter rail cars to New Jersey. The company says the contract will yield no additional work in Canada, with Buy American [...]

Bank Rate Remains 1.75%

CBJ — The Bank of Canada put the brakes on any immediate rate hikes this morning, preferring instead to keep its overnight trendsetting rate at 1.75%. Prior to today, the central bank had [...]

Canada May Grant Saudi Woman Asylum

CBJ — A young 18-year-old Saudi woman who has fled from her family says she cannot go back home or she will be killed after renouncing Islam. The United Nation’s refugee agency has declared [...]

Trump Addresses Border Security

CBJ — U.S. President Donald Trump delivered his first address from the Oval Office in the White House on Tuesday evening. Once again Trump reiterated his demand for the Democrats to vote [...]

Samsung’s Money Woes Intensify

CBJ — One of the world’s most successful communications companies finds itself in a much larger financial bind than had been originally thought. Samsung Electronics’ fourth-quarter [...]

Trade Deficit $2.1B in November

CBJ — Figures released by Statistics Canada indicate the nation’s merchandise trade deficit with other countries increased to $2.1 billion in November compared with $851 million in [...]

U.S.-China Trade Talks

CBJ — Trade talks between the U.S. and China have begun with both sides saying they are optimistic a deal can be worked out. Facing a March deadline, the concern from economists is a [...]

Oil Rises 3%

CBJ — Oil prices have climbed about 3%, rebounding from an 18-month low in December.Oil futures have gained about 10% over the past week. The increase in oil prices can be attributed to a [...]

Suncor Sets Quarterly Production Record

CBJ — Suncor Energy reports that its upstream production in the last three months of 2018 hit a quarterly record. Canada’s largest integrated oil and gas company says production [...]

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