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Transport Canada’s Cannabis Ruling

CBJ — Transport Canada has put into law that members of the Canadian aviation industry are forbidden from consuming cannabis for at least 28 days before going on duty. Canadian Aviation [...]

Fiat Chrysler Pulls Bid For Renault Merger

CBJ — The much-talked about merger between Fiat Chrysler and Renault is now off the table, with the former pulling out of negotiations.  However, there may be room to reopen discussions at [...]

Google Buying Looker For $2.6 Billion

CBJ — Tech giant Google is acquiring data analytics firm Looker for $2.6 billion cash in an effort to expand its Google Cloud business. The company says Looker will give its cloud-computing [...]

U.S. Job Numbers Stalled in May

CBJ — Figures released by the ADP National Employment Report reveal private employers added a mere 27,000 jobs in May nationwide, which is well below economists’ expectations and the [...]

Online Advertising Worth Billions

CBJ — The American online advertising industry is projected to hit $160 billion by 2023 up from $107 billion last year, led by fast-growing categories like mobile video with Alphabet Inc’s [...]

Arabica Beans at 13-Year Price Low

CBJ — The price of Arabica beans have hit a low not seen since 2006, which means many farmers are having a difficult time making a profit. However, it certainly hasn’t translated into [...]

U.S. to Probe Tech Giants

CBJ — A report by Reuters indicates the U.S. government is preparing to investigate whether Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google misuse their massive market power, setting up what could be an [...]

Port of Halifax Gets $47.5 Million

CBJ — The federal government is providing the Port of Halifax with $47.5 million from Ottawa to boost its capacity to handle goods, but the big news for most residents will be the resulting [...]

Aeroplan Sale: $516 Million

CBJ — The final price for the sale of Aimia’s Aeroplan to Air Canada has increased to $516 million following the finalization of all financial adjustments. Air Canada signed a [...]

Kraft Heinz Parmalat Deal Can Proceed

It appears as if there are no further roadblocks to the proposed sale of Kraft Heinz of Canada to Parmalat of Italy in what would be a $1.6 billion transaction. The federal Competition Bureau [...]

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