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Roots Releases 4th Quarter Numbers

CBJ — Roots Corporation exceeded expectations as its fourth-quarter revenue grew compared with a year ago and it earned a profit of $18.3 million. The Toronto-based clothing retailer had [...]

Air Canada Keeps Max 737 Grounded to July 1

CBJ — Air Canada has stated it will keep Boeing Co’s 737 MAX planes grounded from flight schedules until at least July 1, due to uncertainty as to when the plane will have full safety [...]

Lyft Taking a Fall

CBJ — Shares in the ride-haling company Lyft are still falling after initially doing extremely well in its first day of trading last Friday. Before the opening bell Tuesday, shares were [...]

Teamsters vs Mickey & Minnie, et al

CBJ — The head of the Teamsters’ union in the United States is trying to suppress a rebellion by Mickey, Minnie and their costumed friends at Walt Disney World over issues employees [...]

Brexit Disaster — Take 3

CBJ — Three strikes and you’re out? The UK Brexit disaster just doesn’t seem to want to go away. British lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal for a [...]

Max 737 Safety Features Questioned

CBJ — The problems for Boeing after the top U.S. Transportation Secretary questioned why the company did not require safety features on its 737 MAX that might have prevented two recent [...]

EU Speed Limit Technology on Autos

CBJ — As part of an effort to curb high-speed automobile accidents, some that end with deadly effect, the European Union is moving to require land vehicles to have technology that would [...]

January Trade Deficit: $4.2 Billion

CBJ — Canada’s trade deficit shrank to $4.2 billion in January according to figures released by Statistics Canada. Oil exports at higher prices was the main reason for the deficit [...]

Merck Ignites $6 Billion Takeover Bid

CBJ — German pharmaceutical giant Merck has launched a hostile $6 billion all-cash takeover offer for Versum Materials. Merck is looking to expand its presence and influence in the [...]

U of T Gets $100 Million Donation

CBJ — The University of Toronto is receiving a $100 million donation — the largest in the school’s history — to go towards researching artificial intelligence and its [...]

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