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Wholesale and Manufacturing Down in November

CBJ — The Canadian economy showed signs of weakness in November as both wholesale and manufacturing sales fell according to figures released by Statistics Canada. Wholesale trade fell an [...]

Stronach Feud Intensifies

CBJ — A family feud involving Canadian auto parts magnate Frank Stronach and his daughter Belinda Stronach has taken another turn with the daughter accusing her father Frank of squandering [...]

Swiss Banker Convicted of Giving Germany Data Secrets

CBJ — A former high-ranking UBS banker has been convicted of selling information about wealthy German tax evaders to German authorities. The espionage charges against the banker turned to a [...]

U.S. Faces Extradition Deadline of Huawei Exec

CBJ — U.S. authorities are facing a deadline at the end of the month to formally request the extradition of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou from Canada to the United States. As of now, the [...]

IMF Predicts Economic Slowdown

CBJ — The International Monetary Fund has cut its forecast for world economic growth in 2019 due to ongoing international trade tensions and rising U.S. interest rates. The IMF expects [...]

Alberta Spending Millions on Pipeline Ads

CBJ — Recognizing the significance to the provincial economy, the Alberta government has spent north of $23 million on media advertising as a means to trying to convince Canadians that the [...]

Inflation Shoots Up

CBJ — The latest report from Statistics Canada indicates the annual inflation rate accelerated to an even 2% last month due to higher costs for air travel and vegetables. However, gasoline [...]

Oxford Suspends Huawei Research Funding

CBJ — Embattled Chinese telecom giant Huawei has taken another direct hit to its credibility on word that London’s Oxford University is suspending research grants .  A halt has been [...]

More Problems for Huawei

CBJ — U.S. prosecutors have launched yet another criminal investigation of China’s Huawei Technologies — for allegedly stealing American trade secrets. There is now a growing movement [...]

Trade Data Delayed

CBJ — Statistics Canada will not publish international merchandise trade statistics for December as scheduled on February 5 due to the ongoing U.S. government shutdown, which is now the [...]

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