ComFact Corporation

Canada's source for a skilled labour force

ComFact Corporation is Canada’s provider of short-term or long-term professional laborers. Unlike a regular temp agency, ComFact’s skilled tradespeople are highly qualified, dependable, flexible and come with background in the shipbuilding, offshore, light and heavy construction and manufacturing industries.
Robert McAllister, Chairman, explains the sort of customers ComFact attracts. “If you are a contractor who is hesitant to bid on another project because you do not have the staff capabilities to do more than one project at a time, you would come to us. You might need some electricians, or plumbers or millwrights—whatever it is, we have the people that the employer needs.”

Why don’t companies just hire their own people? Because work is rarely steady in the trades. “Businesses don’t always want to have a fulltime staff because it costs them money if they don’t have the projects year round,” affirms McAllister. “We fit into that equation when a company gets busy. They will come to us and ask us to supply them with tradesmen. We work with all levels—from white collar professionals to skilled labourers. So we can supply the company with all types of people that are required to finish the project.”

The company has an interesting model because the client work is often in other locations, giving the workers a chance to travel, if desired. “There are a lot of people in various places in Canada that have a desire to work abroad,” he adds. “We can accommodate those people, by putting them on a job site for 90 days. They go home for a month, and then they come back and work for another 90 days.”

Ensuring success

ComFact checks into the credentials and capabilities of its people, so companies know the quality that comes with each technician. “It is up to us to ask the client what kind of job this person will be doing, then it’s up to my staff to make sure that the people we send to him are capable of filling that job obligation,” McAllister says, going on to talk about the flexibility required in the industry:

“Today companies cannot afford to hire a large staff and pay people unless they’ve got jobs to do it. The traveling and migration of people from coast to coast, from province to province, is becoming more apparent. As the older people retire, the younger people are more hesitant to want to move their families. We have situations where someone will say, ‘Go to Saskatchewan from Newfoundland’. They might work there for two or three years and then decide they like it there, so then are prepared to move a family. It gives everybody an opportunity to test it and find out if they like the company, if they like the management, if they like the work, then they are prepared to move,” he explains.

McAllister adds that there is competition for in their industry because someone has to service organizations looking for temporary workers.

“There are a couple of companies trying to get into the business. A lot of the agencies that exist today are trying to fill IT positions and management positions. If you read the Globe and Mail, there are a lot of agencies trying to find permanent people. There are not that many people in our industry because we cater primarily to the white collar and blue collar industry.”

Helping employers find the right people

Moving forward, the company’s goal is to continue in the path it has been moving for the entirety of its history. “Our emphasis is on safety,” says McAllister. “We want our people turning up every morning to do the job and leaving every evening as healthy as when they came in.”

Beyond that focus, ComFact will also continue to supply employers with the right people. “If you are successful and professional in what you do, then you become more accepted by the contractor population,” concludes McAllister. “We put a lot of emphasis on being very professional, sending the right people to do the right jobs, and it has been working out very well for us.”