Concept Group

Bringing buildings to life

According to Architecture 2030, an organization for the environmental transformation of the global building sector, buildings are responsible for almost half (48 per cent) of all energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It makes sense, then, to do everything possible to improve the buildings in which we live, work and play. Concept Group is a Calgary-based building integrator that recognises the need to improve efficiency and goes above and beyond to incorporate energy-saving solutions.

Founded in 1987, Concept Group has brought its diverse installation and design expertise to a variety of clients, including educational institutions, municipal and federal governments, healthcare facilities, industrial sites, commercial and multifamily residential properties all over Alberta.  Whether it’s a brand-new building or an existing facility in need of retrofitting, Concept Group has the experience and technology to bring any building to life. 

Originally, Concept Group entered the market offering electrical controls instrumentation installation and service. Over the last 20 years, however, the company has expanded its services. “We do everything now,” beams Kent Richardson, Director of Marketing. “We provide electrical contracting, data wiring, security systems, fire and life safety systems, building automation and HVAC maintenance, which is a big part of our business.  We also maintain and service everything we sell.”

Providing so many services has meant building the best team of specialists, including certified project managers, energy managers, indoor air quality professionals and lighting designers.  With close to 300 employees, Concept is well positioned for all project sizes in the market place.

Well-earned reputation

Over the years, the company’s quality workmanship has earned a solid reputation in Alberta. In fact, Richardson says Concept Group has 1,700 customers all over the province. “I am proud of our achievements,” he says. “We deal with most of the general contractors in Calgary, as well as many developers, providing electrical work for some very big names in the industry.  What I am most proud of is how we integrate this technology with a focus on energy saving.”

Richardson illustrates his point with an example of motion detector technology.  “If the detector doesn’t sense any motion on any floor of an office building for a certain amount of time, we have the technology to lower the heat on that floor.  If that floor is vacant until morning, the heat remains at a low level until around 7:30AM, when we found that people start coming into work.  It saves the building owner tonnes of energy, which, of course, lowers the utility bill.”

“It’s interesting because we integrate this sort of technology, as well as understand how a building works,” Richardson adds. “There are a lot of companies out there that provide system integrations, but there aren’t many of them who understand building technology.  That is really our strength.”

When asked why he thinks Concept Group is so successful, Richardson will say the company is willing to listen to its customers and suggest new things. “We are very entrepreneurial,” he says. “Our company was started by Dave Kinley, our President and CEO, and his attitude has always been that the customer is always right.  That approach has served us very well.  We try and live up to our hallmark, which is: ‘Customers for life’.”

Future Forecast

Concept Group has a bright future ahead. It has already made a name for itself in Alberta as a leader in technology integration and building automation, and now it’s time to branch out. “We are clearly an industry leader in Calgary and, soon, we will be a recognized leader in western Canada and the whole country,” Richardson says. “In the long term, we want to dominate in our field—systems integrations”.

In the meantime, the company is adapting to a changing market. “The market has gone from a lot of private sector activity, to growth in the public sector,” he explains. “We are seeing more public-private partnership projects, such as school projects with the government.”  It’s an exciting shift for Concept Group as it opens the door for different projects. Right now, the company is active in many design-build projects to support the needs of customers.  There are also a number of large government building projects in which Concept Group is involved. “It’s great to see how we have come from a commercial building environment to become a strong player in government projects,” Richardson says.

What can Concept Group’s clients expect on the horizon? “Modular components are going to be a big thing,” says Richardson. “Electronics will be built into walls and floors. We anticipate more and more technology in the future, and we intend to stay leading edge in how we can apply that technology.”
It is clear Canada will have a lot more to look forward to from this company.


“Our goal is to excel in providing quality installations, developing a safe and rewarding environment for our valued workforce, and managing the growth and profitability of our company. We achieve this goal through dedication to customer service, teamwork, and innovative technical advancement.”

Experience & Capabilities

- More than 400 projects completed and underway.
- Several projects completed and underway above $1 million in value.
- Most of construction projects are multi-building.
- Concept Group has more salaried employees available than any other Energy Services Company in Calgary.
- Concept Group can point to dozens of recent projects where we have exceeded customer expectations on fast implementation.
- Our size allows us to provide more value for your dollar.


Since 1987, Concept has evolved from an electrical and controls installation contractor to a highly regarded solutions provider, with products and services to meet the high demands of our customers. We have grown to over 160 employees, comprised of electricians, heating ventilating and air conditioning technicians, plumbers, project managers, controls specialists, and systems design planners.

Throughout our history, Concept has continually supported our employees’ development through continuing education programs, product seminars and training courses. Concept has a team of highly skilled professionals to execute projects and provide expert service for any facility.