Daniels International

Making healthcare safer

Daniels International lives by its goal to improve safety in healthcare management and safe disposal of sharps and medical waste.

Product specifications

An international leader in innovative medical recycling and waste management systems, Daniels International’s Sharpsmart system is described as safe, ecological and easy, and a product that maximizes safety and value. The product is to be located as close to a sharps generation location as possible, to maximize containment and sterilization.

When unlocked on the front, both sides of the product have hinges that firmly click into place and, once opened, the rear drop counter balanced tray or door moves into position, making it easy to discard sharps while minimizing hand access. Known for its one hand, one step activation, the rear drop counter balance tray can also be manually activated. Ensuring safety, the Sharpsmart system also contains a leak proof seal to prevent leakage of fluids commonly found in sharps waste, while a transparent side window is also available to gauge volume and to ultimately avoid overfill.

When filled to capacity, the counter balance door remains in the upright position and the word ‘full’ will be visible. When full and ready to be closed, the Sharpsmart system locks on front and also includes a secure tamper-proof lock on both its left and right sides that click into place. Once locked, the unit cannot be opened by hand. Designed to be stackable in order to maximize floor space, the Sharpsmart reusable system is then sanitized and returned for future use.

Valuable holding in the marketplace

According to Ian Jennings, Manager at Daniels Sharpsmart Canada, the comparative advantage for the Sharpsmart system breaks down to three essential aspects: costs, quality of product, and service.

“We listen to what the customer wants and needs and then we try to provide a service that best matches those needs at a competitive price,” said Jennings. “We are, in most cases, less expensive than a hospital’s disposable sharps container program. In rare cases we are cost neutral, meaning hospitals can switch to our program without a change to the cost of their sharps program.”

“The quality of our Sharpsmart container and the service we provide is second to none. The container is very well designed and engineered. We give the customers the level of service they expect. Further to this we provide ongoing service reviews along with in-service training to help keep in touch with our customers. This also helps to keep customer’s staff current.”

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Specializing in cost-effective medical waste services, the Sharpsmart system is environmentally responsible by reducing waste by about 25 per cent. According to studies, the system greatly reduces harmful carbon dioxide emissions by supporting improved efficiency through “expert advice on waste segregation, collection schedules and the size and location of waste and sharps containers.”

According to the company’s website, Daniels International’s focus on the reduction of sharps and syringe injuries has resulted in a unique system of reusable sharps containers (also known as needle boxes or sharps bins) to collect sharps like used syringes, needles and scalpels. This system has been shown in clinical studies to reduce sharps injuries.

But not only is the product environmentally responsible, it is safety conscience as well, with the product greatly reducing the risk of sharps injuries within the workplace environment. Strict regulations govern the collection, transportation and disposal of these medical waste products. These standards exist because of potentially hazardous materials involved. Daniels works to ensure that all of its products and services are fully compliant with these regulations.

Sharpsmart reusable container system

When Daniels International first had the idea of building a better sharps container it sought the help of the people who use them and handle them every day, asking nurses and other hospital staff worldwide what features should be included in a newer, safer and better sharps container.

“At the time, we thought that this would take six months to a year to get the feedback and build some prototypes containers,” said Jennings. “The response from the healthcare community was so overwhelming that it took five years and many, many prototypes before the current container design was finalized.”

“By reusing containers instead of throwing them out, a significant reduction to overall waste volumes can be made,” states the Daniels International website. “The use of reusable sharps containers is likely to reduce the volume of plastic in sharps waste by over 25 per cent when compared with disposable sharps container systems.”

As such, Daniels International strives to utilize environmentally sustainable products to reduce the carbon footprint of both itself and its consumer base.
“Sharpsmart has invested tens of millions of dollars into developing the unique Sharpsmart sharps containment system that improves the safety of healthcare workers when disposing of sharps and lessens the environmental impact at the same time.”

Touted as a system developed “by users for users”, the Sharpsmart system remains committed to “developing the safest, environmentally friendly products and services available.” Opening in Canada in 2002, Daniels International also has locations in Chicago, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa.