Professional Broadcasting Reinvented

Designed for professional broadcasters, Dejero’s LIVE+ platform of cellular newsgathering products redefines how broadcasters gather content, freeing the broadcasting community from outdated and expensive legacy technology.

Dejero products enable both traditional and online broadcasters to reduce the complexity, limitations, and significant costs associated with live broadcasting, completely eradicating satellite and microwave trucks, dedicated towers, and transmission engineers. Dejero products provide broadcasters with greater mobility for live broadcasts, and less restricted access to locations such as high security areas, rooftops, and airports.


In 2008, Bogdan Frusina founded Dejero following his work as a mobile Internet expert with Canada election campaign tours. Here he observed that the broadcasters were in dire straits to provide live broadcasting. Frusina said, “During these travels I saw the reporters struggling to find feed points and NewsRoute [BENG] boxes in order to provide live coverage. They were plagued with incredibly high operating costs, increased competition, and the logistical nightmare caused by the necessity of satellite trucks.”

Seeing this market need, Frusina realized that increasing cellular networks’ bandwidth would soon be able to support video transmissions and solve broadcasters’ growing problems using cellular networks. In early 2008, Frusina assembled a team of mobile Internet and cellular experts to create the Dejero LIVE+ Platform. Today, the platform uses 4G and LTE cellular networks, enabling broadcasters to collect and transmit broadcast-quality live video from anywhere within the wireless signal coverage, allowing the broadcasters to expand their newsgathering at a fraction of the cost of the legacy technology.

Dejero LIVE+ launched publicly at the end of 2009, with the first-ever, live broadcast of the Olympics Torch Run. This 106-day event, leading up to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, travelled over 45,000 kilometres, and passed through more than 1,000 communities, using only the Dejero transmitter to broadcast live for viewers around the world.

The impact of Dejero technology became obvious at the 2010 G20 conference in Toronto. The security personnel prohibited the use of traditional microwave and satellite trucks, and only broadcasters using Dejero technology were able to access the Summit areas for live shooting. Ever since, Dejero has continued to evolve, expand, and grow, even picking up the Pick Hit Award from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).

Today, manufacturing, and research and development take place in the company’s headquarters in Waterloo, Ont. The company also runs local sales and marketing offices across Canada and the U.S., a configuration facility in Texas, and partner sales facilities in Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

“The last two years brought continued expansion. We grew beyond our North American roots and opened offices across Europe, Australia, India, Mexico, and Asia. We recently launched the next generation of our professional grade rugged transmitter — the Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter. We have also launched several completely new products, including the LIVE+ NewsBook, a technology partnership with Panasonic that enables broadcasters to go live from a laptop, and the LIVE+ Mobile App, providing reporters with the ability to go live from their smartphones and tablets.”

Broadcasting Industry

In regard to the broadcasting industry Frusina said, “The industry is mature and very established, but it has been changing swiftly in the manner in which broadcasters acquire video content, as well as the manner in which the content is delivered. For video acquisition, gone are the days where covering a breaking news story live required a news crew with a satellite truck, long set-up time, and thousands of dollars in costs. Enter the era of cellular newsgathering — more options, less equipment, less time-to-air, and lower cost. In addition, the news delivery landscape has changed completely. Twitter is typically first to break news today, and as consumers continue to spend more time online, their preference for news delivery is changing from traditional television delivery to online delivery.

“Cellular newsgathering technologies have been in the market for less than five years, but they represent the fastest growing technology area within the broadcasting space. The technology has rapidly evolved and, at the same time, cellular networks have been upgraded globally. This combination has dramatically increased the reliability of cellular systems. Cellular transmitters have decreased in size, into sleek and incredibly mobile units. Dejero also offers a product that gives broadcasters the ability to go live without any extra equipment, simply using an iPad or iPhone.”


Dejero’s software represents the magic substance behind the company success. The system transmits video in near real-time, using unique bonding methods, aggregating bandwidth from multiple wireless connections into a single, large transmission pipe. The patented LIVE+ bonded software has incredibly powerful encoding abilities, compressing video at a very high ratio, splitting it into multiple packets, transmitting these packets quickly, and then reassembling the transmission at the back end. The Dejero LIVE+ software powers each of the company’s products, giving clients the ability to broadcast from a variety of mobile devices — professional grade rugged transmitters, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

“Also, we are aware that without great employees we would never have a great product that people need and want to own, and our business model would not be viable long-term. Our partners are also the face of Dejero, and without great partners who share our values and business principles, we would never live up to our potential. Besides great employees and partners, we also have amazing customers who are not afraid to adopt new technologies. Because of their willingness to take risks they have gained viewers and increased profits, and it is these customers who provide us with open and honest feedback about our company and our products. We don’t want just happy customers, we want customers who challenge us to continuously improve, and who bring new ideas to the table. Without these three elements in place, chances of business success are exponentially lower.”

As a progressive technology company, several considerations factor into the company’s market advantage. The company provides 24/7 worldwide
support, focusing on customer satisfaction. The company manages client support proactively, monitoring daily logs of our customer transmissions, dealing with any potential anomalies often even before the customer realizes there is an issue. To the question about the most interesting projects, Frusina said, “The recent launch of the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App was an incredibly exciting time at Dejero. This technology gave our customers the ability to transform everyone in their organization or community into a field reporter without the need for extra equipment. It beats all other live video apps on the market because it not only integrates into a professional broadcaster’s existing infrastructure, but it also has the ability to bond multiple wireless connections, resulting in a higher quality video transmission with lower latency.”

Dejero has an ongoing technology partnership with Panasonic, creating a laptop-based version of LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter. This means reporters can simply connect a professional camera directly to a laptop for live video transmission. This technology gives them the ability to record video, and then instantly edit the video before sending an edited package back to the station at the push of a button. “We have also been working closely with several of the industry’s biggest satellite providers on the integration of our technology with satellites and satellite trucks. The resulting integration provides broadcasters with a complete mobile newsgathering solution that is 100 per cent reliable in all weather conditions, under all network conditions, and at the most remote locations.”

In regards to future growth, the company plans to continue opening new offices in countries around the world, signing only the best partners in each region, vigilantly assuring quality customer service and support. When asked about the success, Frusina said, “The huge amounts of money our clients save using our technology is the most powerful validation of our success. The phone calls I receive from excited clients, telling me about the impressive live feeds they have broadcasted using Dejero by far mean the most to me. We are changing the way the entire broadcasting industry acquires content and goes live, and that has been the greatest validation.”

The cellular broadcast industry is still emerging, leaving incredible room for Dejero to grow. While the company intends to continue its domestic and international growth, the major focus stays on evolution of its core, patented software, continuously adding new features and improving the reliability and quality of Dejero transmissions.