Connecting Canadian Businesses

In telephony, the demarcation point is the point at which the system of cables ends and connects with the wiring at the customer premises. It is, therefore, a very apropos name for the Laval, Quebec, based company, DemarcationPoint, the largest privately owned structured cabling company in Canada, which specializes in cabling infrastructure and network related services.

Because communication needs are not limited by sector, DemarcationPoint services a broad range of companies. “We service companies who need cable infrastructure, and our customers include government, the health sector, educational sector, manufacturers, thousands of different areas,” says Nick Sarantinos, Vice-President of Operations. DemarcationPoint’s success has brought major clients such as TELUS , Bell, Casino Mt. Tremblant and CBC Radio, to name but a few on its huge client roster. “We are the hands-on people. We will be involved in the cabling and installation of the equipment, cleaning up the spaghetti room, if you will,” he continues, referring to the bundles of wires that link up telephones, sometimes hundreds of them, within a company.

While their focus is on structured cabling, DemarcationPoint has expanded since its beginnings in 2001. “We specialize in anything to do with cable infrastructure inside a building required for telecommunications,” explains Claudine Belasky, Vice- President Market Development, adding that they do work like bringing in fibre or copper between buildings or offices. DemarcationPoint’s products advance alongside advances in bandwidth technology as customers’ needs for faster communication grow. The broad scope of services is what truly places DemarcationPoint in the upper echelon of the industry. Once the installation of cables is complete, DemarcationPoint will install additional equipment for the client, such as cameras, access control panels and equipment for wireless internet. There is also a unique control centre was created with the local or national customer in minds. A bilingual staff is at the ready in the case of any technical difficulty, be it due to inclement weather or merely a scheduled maintenance appointment.

Experience leads to reliability

The growth trajectory of DemarcationPoint comes down the accrued expertise of its team. The market is very competitive, and there is no shortage of home-sprung cable companies forging into the fray every day. While some of these companies can offer comparable prices in the short term, they fall short of the stability and reliability of DemarcationPoint. “It’s about price at the end of the day. We are a national company that will not only complete the job, but also support the investment. We are a fully insured and bonded company. We have a reputation. We work as a big team,” says Nick Sarantinos.

DemarcationPoint’s own prognosis for growth is as optimistic as their outlook for Canada. The company is positioning itself for 25 per cent growth per year. With 200 technicians employed in the company, DemarcationPoint is always cognisant of the importance of the customer service. Claudine Belasky expounds, “I feel we are building the market, yet we still want to be close to the customer. If we give a customer a quote, we respect that quote. In both operations and sales, we are very close with our customers.”

DemarcationPoint distinguishes themselves by their diversity of services, availability of technicians, quality of service and planning.

When asked if the company has been hard hit by the recent recession, the answer seems to be no, and Sarantinos only sees brighter days on the horizon. “Our first two quarters this year were very good. The recession did not hit us until the third quarter,” he says. Nick Sarantinos has a unique perspective on the overall rise in business as telephony is the first stop for new enterprise. “Now, going into the fourth quarter, it has gone bananas. I think other businesses are comfortable accepting that the recession is over and they are re-strategizing, refinancing and getting ready for the wave of business that is coming. Companies are now establishing themselves with services that will grow their business model, and the most important service is communications,” adding, “I think they next two years will be phenomenal for business across the whole country.” No doubt, DemarcationPoint will be the backbone of that growth.