Denali Construction

Back to Basics

Full-service general contractor Denali Construction Inc. is applying the elemental principles of construction to their business.  Start with a solid foundation and don’t underestimate the basics.

When Terry Whittingham and his partners left their larger construction firms to venture out on their own, they did so knowing they wanted to create a company that would have the time and ability to treat each project with as if it were their own.  In a short period of time, Denali has earned a reputation for matching exceptional customer service with quality workmanship in the design build industry, as well as conventional bid projects in the Edmonton area.
Design-build construction is specialty of Denali Construction, and it adheres to the underlining philosophy of the company. Design-build—a system whereby the design and construction aspects are tailored to the input of the owner—allows the client’s needs and expectations to guide the project from the start.


Denali Construction is mindful of the fact that once their input on a project is done—whether it is a hospital, storage facility or office space—the building will have a purpose to serve for many years. To ensure maximum functionality of the space, the Denali team goes above and beyond to communicate with their clients and accommodate the gamut of needs with flexibility and creativity.

“We understand that general contracting is providing a service,” states Whittingham.  “Being successful in that service is about the process, the attention to detail and answering the owners’ questions. We truly put customer service first; we keep communication open and answer questions by explaining the process and keeping everyone involved.”

Denali’s team takes clients through the tendering, planning, building, cost analysis and management process for whatever project they are working on. Instead of dealing with a team of consultants, engineers and contractors, Denali Construction is always the main point of contact. This allows the client to interact with one entity for all aspects of the project, such as permits, budgets, design changes, construction methods or invoicing.

The company fulfills its responsibility to provide exceptional service to clients through honest pricing, functional construction systems and innovative ideas. “You not only build more trust, but they feel that, at the end of the day, they have more value than just a building,” says Whittingham.

Denali’s approach is clearly paying off. “We have a great resume of clients that we have been able to work with, and have garnered really great feedback on all the projects we have worked on,” he adds. “A lot of our work still comes from referral. We have been able to work steadily which has been a blessing.”

Metal buildings

Denali Construction strives to provide nothing short of cost-effective and flexible building solutions for metal buildings. “We are pushing forward in the design-build construction market, with a strong desire to work with pre-engineered metal buildings,” says Whittingham.  Denali’s metal construction solutions not only augment clients’ structural design possibilities, they also include energy efficient options that are cost effective and attractive.
Many people are not aware that well-designed steel construction materials are virtually 100 per cent recyclable and decrease building operating costs.

Along with this new focus, Denali is incorporating environmental practises into its practices. “The construction industry is becoming more prominently green,” says Whittingham. “As a company, we are always trying to do things in the greenest manner. As one example, we are implementing metal building technology and diverting as much waste as possible from the landfill by recycling construction material.”

Slow and steady wins the race

Denali Construction is building a reputation for solid work and exemplary customer service by focusing on quality over quantity. When asked which projects he is most proud of, Whittingham struggles to pick just one. “It’s tough. They all become your favourites.” Call them the tortoise in the Alberta Construction race—it’s prioritising each individual job and paying attention to detail that will see Denali Construction at the winning line.