DMC Mining Services

Fueled by Safety, Driven by Success

DMC Mining Services, located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, offers a full suite of mining services and solutions, including: contract mining services, mine shaft sinking, lateral mine development, mine construction, civil underground construction, raise boring and alimak raising, and engineering services.

The company has been in business since 1980, but up until September of this year was known as Dynatec to its customers. DMC is North America’s only ISO 9001:2000 & OHSAS:18001 certified mining contractor. DMC draws on its extensive experience to provide contract mining services. Where the company assumes responsibility for mine operation, DMC hires staff, develops production budgets and schedules, produces regular reports, maintains regulatory permits and filings, manages operating staff and assumes overall responsibility for safety and loss control. To date, DMC has been fortunate enough to boast a very high safety rating.

Mine Shaft Sinking

DMC is one of a few companies in North America that employs highly-skilled shaft sinking crews and the specialized techniques and equipment necessary to meet the requirements and schedules of technically difficult projects. They company’s expertise in this area is based on more than 100 years of combined manpower experience.

Lateral Mine Development

DMC has worked on major lateral mine development with the Louvicourt Mine, Meikle and Bousquet Mines. The company was also involved in initial ore production on each of these projects.

Mine Construction

DMC’s mine construction services involve specialized activities related to both surface and underground mine construction. In conjunction with major mine developments, the company has completed a number of underground construction projects, including: the Louvicourt Mine and Bousquet Mine in Quebec, the Meikle Mine in Nevada, Xstrata’s lead-zinc mine in New Brunswick, the K2 potash mine in Saskatchewan, the Cayuga salt mine in New York state, the Red Lake Mine in Ontario and the Turquoise Ridge Mine in Nevada.

Civil Underground Construction

DMC provides services to customers in the civil underground construction industry. The company has completed an underground powerhouse excavation, penstock excavation and tailrace tunnel excavation for a mini-hydro project in northern Ontario and ground stabilization and construction work for The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory at the Creighton Mine in Sudbury, Ontario.

Raise Boring and Alimak Raising

DMC has a fleet of 16 raise boring machines and has performed raise boring for the mining and heavy civil construction industries in North America. The largest raise boring project conducted by DMC was for Westmin Mining Corporation’s mine on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. DMC currently has 12 drills active at projects in Canada and the United States.

DMC also operates a fleet of 12 Alimak raise climbing machines in order to provide raise excavation to its customers in those applications where it is preferable.

Engineering Services

DMC’s evaluation and design services include concept, pre-feasibility and technical engineering. Technical engineering capabilities cover all the major disciplines (civil, electrical, mechanical).

Concept & Pre-feasibility Studies

DMC studies include elements such as:

• Assessment of the regional and local geology
• Ore reserve estimate
• Shafts and Ore handling systems
• Selection of mining method and mine plan
• Production schedule
• Capital and operating cost estimates

Technical Engineering

The company provides technical engineering services to assess and optimize mining projects.

As operators and engineers, DMC’s services are founded on practical operating procedures and sound engineering standards.

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