Editorial: April 18

Surveys and polls oftentimes aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, but you’d have to have been living under a rock if you haven’t noticed Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are going [...]

Editorial: March 18

B.C. and Alberta have consistently engaged in a healthy form of economic competition that has no doubt been a contributing factor in enhancing the overall quality of products and services they [...]

Editorial: February 18

NAFTA talks remain mired in quicksand with the United States looking to substantially alter the terms and perhaps shuttering the trilateral agreement altogether. Already removed from the Trans [...]

Editorial: January 18

Another year is now in the books. A number of highs and lows were recorded in 2017 and we take a look at a few of the top business stories that helped shape our economy and what will continue to [...]

Editorial: December 17

Technology is without a doubt going to be a major economic driver for this country, replacing the traditional industrial corporations. In fact, the trend is already well underway and it’s only [...]

Editorial: November 17

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says the federal government will devote about $15 billion in new spending to further stimulate the economy. The optimistic spending spree is thanks to a better than [...]

Editorial: October 17

The OECD and the IMF have painted rosy pictures for Canada’s economic outlook as we close out 2017 and head into 2018. In fact, both international organizations predict this country’s growth will [...]

Editorial: September 17

Bricks & Mortar retail stores would seem to have something in common with Mark Twain. While the well-known American author was visiting London in 1897 a rumour had spread that he was gravely [...]

Editorial: August 17

Minimum wage has been the hot topic of discussion in both Alberta and Ontario over the past several months where both provinces are on the verge implementing substantial increases for lowpaid [...]

Editorial: July 17

FinTech is an interesting phenomenon that has drawn lots of attention over the past few years. Recently four influential financial executives gathered for a panel discussion to offer up their [...]

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