Ermineskin Cree Nation

A worthwhile investment

The Ermineskin Cree Nation is a member of the Four Nations of Hobbema, Alberta, a community which serves four Cree bands in Alberta. The Cree Nation has a long, historical relationship with the area that extends back for centuries. The reserve was established in 1885 and is part of the Treaty Six Group of Indian Tribes in Western Canada. The Nation preserves its strong community identity through the land—which fortunately is rich in natural resources. The community has gained from oil and gas reserves on its land and has large segments of agriculturally viable land. The Ermineskin Cree Nation is moving into diversifying its economy away from the oil and gas revenues and is seeking to attract outside investment.

Strategically located

The Reserve is located in close proximity to Alberta’s two major cities: Edmonton and Calgary. Located in the Hobbema area, about 70 kilometres south of Edmonton along Highway 2A and at Junction 611, the Reserve is only a short distance from Highway 2, which links Edmonton and Calgary.

 A prime investment location, this geographic point allows for easy access to both cities and their international airports, as well as other locations such as Wetaskiwin, Leduc and Red Deer. This picturesque region is home to Pigeon Lake, one of Alberta’s most popular camping grounds. Many tourists pass through the area.

Rich in natural resources

The Ermineskin Cree Nation’s location on oil and gas reserves has provided a level of economic security for the people. Revenue generated has been used for the economic development of the community and it is largely considered a financially stable Reserve. In the past, revenue has been used to develop community business, hire outside experts, improve the tribe’s infrastructure and to promote sustainable business ventures within the community. As the Ermineskin Cree Nation is already somewhat economically stable, it is an environment ready for investors. These past profits can be utilized to benefit both the community and the investment. Furthermore, there are other natural resources the Reserve is able to offer, such as 10,000 hectares of high quality agricultural land which can produce profitable crops.

Valuable human resources

The Cree Nation people are a vibrant and valuable asset to any business investment. The current Ermineskin community has about 1300 semi-skilled and skilled labourers, as well as access to a much larger work force in the three other neighbouring First Nations tribes that reside in the Hobbema area. The people of Ermineskin maintain good community relations with these neighbouring groups, offering the potential for joint ventures and new business opportunities. The community is home to a number of artists well known for their paintings, carvings, blankets or jewellery. There are a number of education facilities in the area such as University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Red Deer College which have been involved in the education of many community members. These institutions maintain a positive relationship within the community and can be utilized for research or development of projects involving the Reserve.

Access to assistance

There are numerous government and non-government assistance programs available to businesses involving an indigenous element. The community is able to assist any potential investor in understanding what assistance—both financial and otherwise—is available. As the community continues to grow economically, it places a strong focus on strategies that allow it to maintain its cultural identity. This concept is the very focus of many different grants, programs and other types of assistance relating to indigenous affairs. Investing in a business with an Aboriginal element opens many doors which may not otherwise be available. Furthermore, the self-government rules and regulations may be beneficial to investors and assistance in understanding such matters is also available.

The Ermineskin Cree Nation is a Reserve offering many reasons to consider an investment. Located in an ideal location for business, the Reserve offers an intuitively connected place in Alberta. It offers a stable infrastructure for development thanks to revenue from oil and gas reserves and a viable human resources component that eagerly seeks community growth and development. Lastly, despite the clear benefits of assistance programs, the largest benefit comes from an altruistic place. By investing and promoting the development of a First Nations group, it can help sustain a major component of our history and promote the economic development of Canada as a whole—something in which any investor can take pride.