Features » August 16

Companies Can Mitigate Risk In an Unstable Business Environment

Complicating the current complicated credit crisis and worldwide economic downturn is the fact that some 77% of emerging markets have a political risk rating of medium high or extremely high. [...]

Maximize Charitable Giving By Using A Holding Company

A small business can be a powerful engine for creating wealth. Small businesses are also the biggest creator of jobs in Canada. According to Statistics Canada’s Key Small Business Statistics [...]

Have Canadian Real Estate Prices Climbed Too High?

In 1997, there was a famous cover story in the Economist about American stock markets entitled “Crash Dammit!” Frustrated analysts just couldn’t understand why massively overpriced shares kept on [...]

When Your Customer Experience Strategy Is Stuck In Neutral

Customer experience is at the heart of change in every progressive organization today. Why? Because there’s only so much Marketing can do to cut through the clutter; there’s only so much Sales [...]

How to Enable Mobile Workers for Success

According to a Ryerson University survey, 70% of Canadian employees are mobile in some way (physically) and this is expected to increase to 73% in 2016. As enterprises move to an increasingly [...]

What the U.K. Brexit Means for Canada

The shockwaves that permeated through much of Europe in the immediate aftermath of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the 28-member European Union in a referendum vote on June 23 have yet to [...]

Braving BREXIT: Executing on Britain’s Daring New Direction

Whether you agree with the results of BREXIT, the votes have been cast. Blue-collar Brits have snubbed both Britain and European elites. The European Union birdcage has officially been rattled. [...]

Why the Established Entrepreneurial Community Is Getting Smaller

Canadians are aging and Canadian entrepreneurs are aging even faster. According to the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, over the next 12 years, more than half of the [...]

Speak Directly to Your Ideal Clients in Your Marketing

Do you ever wonder why your marketing messages do not produce the kind of results that you were hoping for? Have you started to question the effectiveness or value that you are getting from your [...]

Boosting Canada’s Productivity With Workplace Analytics

The Conference Board of Canada has found that the majority of provinces continue to show weak growth in labour productivity. They also report that the productivity gap between the U.S. and Canada [...]