Features » August 17

Maximizing The Minimum – Finding the Sweet Spot for Minimum Wage is no Easy Feat

If you were to survey 10 business people and economists about minimum wage and how quickly it should accelerate and to what level it should attain, you’re quite likely to get 10 differing [...]

The Explosive Debate Around Minimum Wage

Big increases to minimum wage are becoming fashionable in Canada: first Alberta, from $12.20 currently to $15 in October 2018, then B.C. from $10.35 to $11.35 in September 2017 and now Ontario, [...]

High-speed Rail: Shrinking the Rural/Urban Divide

The decision to implement a high-speed rail (HSR) system in Canada has long been debated among politicians. According to Paul Langan, from High Speed Rail Canada, since 1970, the government has [...]

Where To Turn When The Bank Says No – The Rise of Alternative Financing Products

Asset-based lending and other alternative finance products like P.O. financing and factoring are available when conventional financing is unattainable. If you are a small to medium sized business [...]

What it takes to Shape the Future for Your Business

For years I thought I had missed the boat. I would come up with ideas or concepts, then share them with others to get the type of response that had me feeling I was so weird, or as the old saying [...]

Seven Suggestions For Successful Acquisitions

A company wants to speed up its growth, gain new resources and/or assets. Going “solo” through organic growth may work but takes longer to achieve. So the company considers acquisition. It’s like [...]

Printer’s Remorse: Signs Your Company Isn’t Doing Enough to Join the Digital Age

As the work world around us speeds into the digital age, more of us are beginning to feel printer’s remorse. We get the email with a document attached from a colleague or a client. We open it and [...]

The Art & Science of a Successful Modern Marketer

It is no simple task for a business to be successful at marketing today. Marketers no longer have the luxury of specialization. In order to compete and thrive, they need a wide variety of skills [...]