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Silver Wheaton

Silver Wheaton, the largest metal streaming company in the world, earned a top spot in the 2011 CBJ Company of the Year Awards.Since its founding in 2004, Silver Wheaton has grown to a market [...]

McGuinty’s Ontario is a have not Ontario: Provincial economy shrinks last quarter

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty isn’t starring in a cheesy new flick titled: Honey, I Shrunk the Economy. But he very well could. According to the Ontario Economic Accounts report issued in [...]

Mississauga Board of Trade: Building Mississauga’s business community

CBJ spoke to Sheldon Leiba, President and CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade, one of the country’s leading business communities Boards What is the Mississauga Board of Trade’s mandate? [...]

Roy Green – Did the business community miss an opportunity to reply to OWS?

If the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, its frequently dissonant messaging notwithstanding, has taught any lesson of relative value, it may be that the business community as a whole can and [...]

Alex Carrick – It won’t pay for Canada to adopt a passive stance

We live in interesting times. Perhaps too interesting. Turmoil and upset is seemingly everywhere. Except Canada is an oasis of calm, which may itself be a problem. For the first time in my [...]

Emile Studham and Kaela Bree, Aussie X

Emile Studham (a former Australian gym teacher and semi-professional Aussie Rules Football player) and Kaela Bree (a former Australian actress), run Aussie X, a school and camp sport program that [...]

Canada’s biggest bear: Eric Sprott on why “Silver is the investment of this decade”

Fear is once again gripping financial markets around the globe. When this last happened a mere three years ago, investors poured money into government bond markets to protect their assets from [...]

Insights from the Carbon Disclosure Project

While working on a project for a Fortune 500 company, our team presented a data set of technological innovations that impressed our client, however after the presentation they asked us if this [...]

Youth job creation critical for our future

According to the latest International Labour Organization (ILO) data, about half of the world’s estimated 199 million unemployed people in 2010—or nearly 96 million—are aged [...]

Vistek – Canada’s largest, professional one-stop photo, video and digital imaging store

CBJ Company of the Year Award Nomination Vistek earned its top spot in the 2010 Company of the Year awards by broadening its horizon. The photography, video and digital imaging expert not only [...]

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