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Business Confidence Holds Steady; Above Average For Past two Years

Confidence among Canadian business leaders was stable in the third quarter of 2013 according to a report by The Conference Board of Canada. The Index of Business Confidence barely moved, dipping [...]

MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke Believes P3 Models Represent Our Future

It can readily be assumed when media types find themselves stationed in the same room with newly-appointed Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment CEO and President Tim Leiweke, expectations are that [...]

Credit Free Friday : CFIB and Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Most Canadian consumers do not know that every time they use a credit card for a purchase in small to medium sized businesses, 2 per cent to 3.5 per cent of the sale is lost to credit-card fees. [...]

Starting Your Own LinkedIn Group

It is a well know fact that clients buy from people and businesses that they ‘know, like and trust”. This is especially important when you are taking about professional services. A [...]

The March of the Robots

The global economy and the workplace are being reshaped by changes far greater in speed and scale than we have witnessed before. Workers are competing not only with workers in other countries, [...]

Maximizing Canada’s Natural Resources

From coast to coast this country is known for its overwhelming richness as it pertains to a variety of different natural resources. Yet there often seems to be an almost apologetic stance from [...]

The P3 Model Continues to Gain Traction in Canada

Since our last foray into examining the growth of public–private partnerships (PPP) a plethora of fresh projects and initiatives have come down the pipe, which stand to generate millions [...]

Canada's Ceta Export Challenge

The ink has hardly dried on a regional CETA agreement that is more ambitious than anything on the table at the WTO today(1) and yet many Canadians are already “yeah- butting” it. [...]

Health Achieve

The signature conference and exhibition of the Ontario Hospital Association for almost 90 years,HealthAchieve has long been one of the largest and most respected healthcare events in North [...]

Keeping Medicare Healthy

Far too many Canadians are holding on to an ideal of our healthcare system that is not sustainable. The Canadian identity includes a notion of a universal healthcare service providing world-class [...]

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